Posted by: CS | April 5, 2015

MH17, Dutch Gold, Kolomoisky, Botched Putin Assassination Attempt

Deep Resource notes the remarkable difference between the inquiry into the Germanwings airliner crash and the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 blown out of the sky in the Ukrainian war zone:

Two weeks after the Germanwings crash we know everything: what was on the audio tapes, the cause of the crash, the motivations of the co-pilot. There are no more open questions.

How different with MH17. After 8 months they can’t even decide if it was a A2A or S2A missile that brought down MH17. We still don’t know what was on the tapes. Unlike the GermanWings plane, the US government immediately had an idea about who had done MH17: Russia. Just like the US government proclaimed to know within hours that bin Laden was behind 9/11.

Why the difference? Deep Resource offers two reasons:


The MH17 carried 196 Dutch nationals, so you would expect the Dutch government to be anxious to get the truth out. But then, out of the blue, the US gave 122.5 ton gold back to the Dutch government.


One of the two key suspects, Ukraine, is part of the investigation team and has a veto right (over release of the investigators findings)…

In a subsequent post, Deep Resource reports on a a leaked email, written by a Dutch diplomat, which refers to a briefing by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister given three days before the MH17 shoot down in which he states that “the separatists don’t have the means to take down planes from high altitude.“ From which fact, Deep Resource draws the following conclusions:

  • The separatists did not do it, because they did not have the means to do it, as per Ukrainian foreign minister’s own admission.
  • Kiev didn’t do it either. You are not going to brief western diplomats on the highest level that the separatists don’t have the means to down the planes, if you intend to setup a false flag operation and blame the separatists anyway.
  • Technically, the Russians could have done it, like they likely did with the Antonov, but unlike the separatists, the Russians knew precisely which plane is what on the basis of radar information and downing a western plane is the last thing the Russians would want to do.

Which questions lead to the further question: if neither the Russians, nor the separatists, nor Kiev did it, than who did,  upon which subject DR makes a plausible case that the crime was the result of a botched attempt, organized by Ihor Kolomoisky, the then governor of the Ukrainian Oblast of Dnepropetrovsk, to assassinate Vladimir Putin.


The revelation by the Ukrainian Defense Minister that Ukraine had lost Antonov military transports during the assault on their own compatriots in Donbass is interesting in light of the recent report that the Antonov aircraft company of Ukraine, which contracted with the Government of Indian to refurbish  India`s fleet of Antononv military transports has managed to `lose`five of them without trace. Presumably, the planes were `borrowed` by the Ukrainian military and reduced to scattered debris over the killing fields of Eastern Ukraine by Russian missiles.


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