Posted by: CS | April 7, 2015

No Political Opinions Please, We’re Canadian

The Toronto Symphony has barred Ukrainian-born artist Valentina Lisitsa from a forthcoming performance with the orchestra for commenting on the mainstream media’s biased coverage of the Nazi-backed coup d’état in Ukraine and Kiev’s genocidal war on ethnic Russians of South Eastern Ukraine.

As the Toronto Star reports:

In a statement apparently posted by the pianist to her Facebook page on Monday, Lisitsa — born in Kyiv — wrote about using social media to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

“I took to Twitter in order to get the other side of the story heard, the one you never see in the mainstream media — the plight of my people, the good and bad things that were happening in Ukraine,” the statement read. The post suggests the spirit of the Maidan uprising a year ago has been subverted and used to sow division within the country, adding that she has received death threats and been called a “paid Kremlin whore.”

The TO Symphony evidently headed by a bunch of Harperite whores.

Meantime, our guy in Kiev, Pietro Poroshenko, has appointed Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Right Sector (formerly Social Nationalist Party) leader as top military adviser to the country’s Chief of General Staff (source). But you won’t see anything about that in the Canadian media, which seems to confirm what Kiev-born Valentina Lisitsa has been saying.


Valentina Lisitsa: Facebook Mesage: Dear Friends

CTV News: Free speech ‘goes both ways’: Ukrainian pianist trades barbs with TSO over cancelled show

R-I: Toronto Symphony Orchestra president Jeff Melanson sounds like a perfect little commie commissar


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