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Poisoning Canadians for Profit — Part 2

As previously noted, Canada’s ten largest licensed Cannabis producers have a combined market cap of $35 billion, supported by a horticultural business that is insignificant in size compared with, say, the greenhouse tomato or cucumber business. How does this make sense?

Consider the Cannabis market. Data published by the University of Ottawa indicate that there are approximately 2.3 million Cannabis users in Canada, consuming a total of 770,000 kg of marijuana each year, or just under one gram per user per day.

Now consider the licensed Cannabis horticultural industry. Cannabis yields around half a kilogram of bud per square meter per year. So the entire Canadian Cannabis demand can be supplied from around 77 hectares of greenhouses.

In contrast, the Canadian greenhouse vegetable industry has 53,000 hectares for tomatoes alone and a total for all crops of 140,000 hectares.

Now consider the value of the respective outputs. Altogether, Canada’s greenhouse vegetable growers generate approximately $1.3 billion a year in farm-gate sales.

How much Canada’s licensed Cannabis producers will net is less certain. However, on the first day of legal sales prices ranged from $5 to $17.5 per gram. So attributing 25% of sales revenue to the grow-op, the yield could be between $960 million and $3.3 billion.

This means that Canada’s licensed pot growers will likely generate more cash from around 77 hectares of greenhouses than Canada’s unlicensed greenhouse vegetable growers with their 140,000 hectares of greenhouses. LOL. It sure pays to have friends in government when you need a license to print money, I mean sell drugs.

As for social consequences? Well, estimates based on experience in other jurisdictions indicated that legalization of pot will cause something like a 3% increase in road accidents, meaning that something like an extra 270 Canadians will die, and several thousand will be maimed each year for the profits of the Cannabis growers.

Many other harms will result from increased pot use following legalization. Work-place intoxication will be more common and more difficult to control. Marijuana addiction will become more widespread, and according to this study, the incidence of schizoprenia is likely to increases as a result of the damage that Cannabis does to developing neurons of the frontal cortex of adolescent brains.

But, hey, just look at those wonderful stock market capitalizations. How long before young Justin promises licensed production and sale of cocaine and heroin? Be sure to get in on the IPO.


Maxime Bernier quit the Conservative Party of Canada to found his own People’s Party of Canada because, so he said, the Conservative Party, as a member of which he was elected to Parliament, is morally corrupt. But to state that a political party is corrupt, morally or otherwise, is to utter merely a truism. What the public should know is in what way the People’s Party of Canada would, in power, differ in direction from the other parties.

Now Bernier is spelling out that difference, and it’s a difference central to the life and character of the Canadian nation. On Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party Bernier states:

Under the Trudeau Liberals, more and more of our country’s policies are being determined not in the interest of Canadians, but in those of foreign countries and international organizations.

Under the Paris Agreement, the Liberals are literally sending billions of dollars to developing countries to help fund climate change policies.

This, of course, after imposing a carbon tax that will make our economy less competitive, raise prices, while having no effect whatsoever on the climate.

The Liberals are also pushing two new UN international agreement, the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact on Migration, that commit Canada to accepting more migrants and spend more money on them.

Another of the many worrying aspects of these Compacts is that governments should promote a pro-migrant perspective and discourage media criticism of it.

The Liberals are subordinating the sovereignty, security, freedom, and economic interests of our country to international agreements that put foreigners first, not Canadians.

And what does Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party have to say on these essential issues of national sovereignty and democratic control?

As Bernier puts it pithily:


Canada is thus in the grip of the globalist interests, well served by both the Government and Her Majesty’s “loyal” opposition.

In fact, both parties are subordinate members of the Treason Party, which intends to sell out Canada’s working people to the globalist interests whose aim is the elimination of national borders to facilitate the maximization of corporate profit.

The globalist policy, which is already well advanced, is to move the capital and technology accumulated by the Western nations through the sweat and genius of generations, to wherever labor is cheapest, workplace health and safety standards are weakest, and environmental protection is minimal to non-existent, while at the same time, moving cheap labor to the West, both to drive down the cost of whatever work cannot be off-shored and to create windfall profits in real estate and construction as rapid population growth drives demand for housing and infrastructure.

For the people of the Western nations, the consequences of globalist policies are dire. Genocidal, in fact. Wages are depressed, housing costs explode, use of pot, porn, gambling, and abortion services is facilitated, as globalist brainwashing and the suppression of free speech is conducted not only by the publicly controlled institutions of K-to-early-middle-aged education, but by the corporate-controlled social media and Internet search empires of Zucks, Bryn, Page and like-minded scoundrel techies.

The result? Delayed or aborted family formation leading to below-replacement fertility in every one of the Western nations. But no prob, say the Liberals and Conservatives, we just need more immigrants. Yeah right. Let’s replace ourselves with people from elsewhere. And amazingly, folks are now so brainwashed that they truly do not care. Canada, under the leadership of the likes of Scheer and Trudeau are on a suicide course — we area  dying nation, and according to Trudeau’s Liberals and Scheer’s Conservatives, we don’t care. Indeed the minions of both parties seek urgently to teach us to hate those who point out the reality of our own impending extinction. As we live by Political Correctness, so shall we die by Political Correctness.

Maxime Bernier offers Canadians an opportunity to reconsider their course: to live on in the nation our ancestors built through toil and tears, or to accept that we are mere pawns in the game of the the globalist titans. That choice is not between immigrants or native born, but between, on the one hand, a nation of immigrants that creates its own cultural and racial posterity, and, on the other hand, a mere assembly of replaceable units of production, poor players that strut and fret their hour upon the stage, and are then heard no more.

Canada should, indeed, be friend of all the world, but not by submitting to the globalist elite and committing national suicide.


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Damn Fool Atheists

Atheists pride themselves on their rationality. Most claim that God has been debunked by science, and in particular by Darwin’s theory of evolution. There is no need for a creator, they say, mankind was not created, humanity simply emerged from the slime by the process of natural selection among random variants of earlier life forms.

And if you ask these rationalists where the primeval slime came from they tell you it arose through the chemical and physical processes that in the course of billions of years shaped the earth, its climate and oceans.

And if you ask them where the earth came from they tell you it arose through evolutionary processes in the galaxy, involving star formation and supernova explosions and stellar nucleosynthesis and other events occurring over the 14 billion years since the birth of the universe in the Big Bang.

And if you ask them who set off the Big Bang, they tell you it was the result of a quantum fluctuation in the vacuum.

And if you ask them who created the vacuum and who wrote the rules that caused this Mother-of-All quantum fluctuations to occur in said vacuum they tell you, um, well, we’ve not yet worked that out, but obviously it wasn’t a being in the form of a man with a gray beard, who set the thing going solely for the purpose of creating Planet Earth and its residents amazingly evolved in the image of the Creator.


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UK 2015: Weird Election Math

The Scotch Nats, with 4.7% of the popular vote, won 56 seats or 8.6% of the total.

The Lib-Dems, with 7.9% of the popular vote, or two-thirds more than the Scotch Nats, won only 8 seats or 1.2% of the total.

UKIP, with 12.6% of the popular vote, or nearly three times the vote for the Scotch Nats, gained only a single seat or 0.15% of the total.

Thus the average number of votes cast for each seat won ranged from under 26,000 for the Scotch Nats, to 3,881,000 for UKIP.*

Still, in every constituency, the candidate with the most votes won (unless votes were rigged, as some believe).

So should anyone care that for each seat won, UKIP received 149 times as many votes as the the Scotch Nats? Probably not. Farage built UKIP’s campaign around huge public opposition to mass immigration, while repeatedly proclaiming:

  • (a) that he is an enthusiast for immigration;
  • (b) that Britain’s immigration policy should be based on Australia’s “points system” to control the quality and quantity of immigrants coming to Britain — as if immigration is part of some kind of selective breeding program (which is probably exactly how Farage and most members of the elite see it), and as if an immigration policy suitable for a settler state such as Australia, with half Britain’s population but 30 times the territorial extent is somehow appropriate for a densely crowded, many-thousand-year-old nation state; and
  • (c) that most Brits would prefer more Indians, Pakistanis and sub-Saharan Africans (i.e., the Commonwealth citizens favored by Farage) to Europeans, which seems unlikely even if many of the Albanians are professional pick-pockets.

With such a contradictory stance, Farage would almost certainly have disappointed all expectations had he and a significant group of Kippers been elected. Indeed, UKIP appears, like the late unlamented BNP, to be a party intended to divert, while dis-empowering, those most adversely affected by mass immigration.

* In addition, the Tories, with 36% of the popular vote, won 331 seats or 51% of the total, while Labour, with 30% of the popular vote, won 232 seats or 36% of the total.


CanSpeccy: The Scotch Nats at Westminster: A Party Without Power or Purpose

CanSpeccy: Why the UK Election changes nothing

CanSpeccy: The 2015 UK Pre-election Leaders’ Debate

I just posted the above at i-Lucretius. where I will likely be posting most often in the future.

i-Lucretius: The Real Jesus That Any Self-Respecting Christian Would Vote to Crucify

Blogger, Jew Among You, draws attention to this pseudo mea-culpa by Britain’s former chief enforcer of political correctness on racial matters, Trevor Phillips:

From it, I conclude that the Blairites (i.e., all the mainstream political parties in Britain, plus the nationalist Scotch and Welsh fringe) have been forced to change their line of attack on the British nation because the standard method of shutting up those who oppose the racial and cultural genocide of their own people through anti-natalist policies* combined with mass immigration and multiculturalism is no longer working.

What they used to do with critics is call them racists and, if possible, trap them in some violent expression of opinion for which they could be punished by the police and administrative forces of political correctness.

But too many people have figured out how the bastards twist the language, and have learned also the language and the concepts necessary to negate the lies without exposing themselves to liberal hate-speech and other anti-free speech measures.

The crime of genocide being committed by the British elite against the their own people is easily enough grasped as long as you know the basic facts, which are as follows. British women, who mostly still mate with British men, which is to say people of British ancestry dating to before 1950, have a fertility of 1.6 which is little more than two-thirds the replacement rate, whereas immigrant women mostly have a much higher fertility, with those from Bangladesh hitting 3.9 and Libyan mothers in Britain scoring brilliantly at 5.6. 

The process is the same throughout Europe and only the Russian state seems intent on reversing the death of its own people, a fact that may largely explain the tremendous hatred for Russia evident among staunch NATOists.

With, in Britain, a gross immigration rate of half a million people a year,existing policies mean rapid population replacement and thus, inevitably, the destruction of the native culture, i.e., both racial and cultural genocide.

In the meantime, as the silly English school principal featured in the video seemed to find truly wonderful, children who speak English as a second language are academically superior to native English speaking students, which is to say, English children have been reduced to the status of white trash, as a consequence of the fact that immigrants are generally of the more intelligent and energetic component of the population from whence they come, and hence their children also tend to be of above average ability. So even before they become a minority nationally (they already are a minority in London, Leicester, Birmingham and other great British cities) English children are being set up for social and economic failure.

But hey, the Phillips’s of the world are delighted to find a reason to do something for the indigenous people, now that they have been forced into a position of inferiority. And no doubt the remedial treatment will include a heavy dose of political correctness to deter any idea of rebellion.

* Britain’s anti-natalist policies which impact primarily the indigenous population, include K to 12 instruction in oral sex, masturbation and the use of a condom, propagandizing youth on the virtues of the homosexual life-style, and state funding of the annual slaughter of several hundred thousand of the unborn. In addition, rising house prices due to immigration-fueled demand, inhibits household formation and hence child rearing.

On March 24, the Daily Mail report on the crash of the Germanwings flight 4U 952, which reportedly flew into the side of a mountain in the French Alps the previous evening included the following witness testimony:

Pierre Polizzi, the owner of a camping ground near the crash site, told Al Jazeera:

The plane crashed just 2 km from here, high on a mountain. There was loud noise and then suddenly nothing. At first I thought it came from fighter jets that often hold drills in the area.

Lucille Polizzi, 18, said:

We were outside and then suddenly we heard this big noise.

I thought it was an earthquake. We have earthquakes fairly frequently here, just small ones. I wasn’t afraid. My father thought it was a fighter jet but we couldn’t see any. ‘The noise lasted probably seven or eight seconds. Then it stopped. There was nothing for maybe 15 to 30 seconds. Then a second noise. ‘The same as the first noise and it lasted about the same time. I wondered then if it was perhaps an avalanche.

One eyewitness in the village of Le Vernet, where some wreckage has been sighted, told Le Parisien newspaper:

This morning I heard a massive thud and soon after saw several jets fly over.

And according to IBTimes:

Witnesses told the French Air Force they heard an explosion and saw smoke coming out of the doomed Germanwings’ A320 passenger plane shortly before it crashed into the mountains near Digne, southern France, IBTimes UK can reveal.

A helicopter pilot in the French Air Force based in Orange, 30 minutes away from the site of the crash, told IBTimes UK witnesses in the crash investigation told him “they had heard an explosion and seen smoke”.

While the French authorities have not confirmed these accounts, the pilot confirms the French Air Force has received a number of corroborating witness testimonies.

The pilot also confirmed that debris was found upstream from the crash site which he said confirmed the fact that the piece of fuselage had “been detached from the aircraft before impact”.

Which observations are consistent with this hypothesis:


Confirmation of the presence of Mirage jet fighters in the immediate vicinity at the time of the crash was provided by non other than the mayor of the nearby municipality of Meolans Revel according to this Wall Street Journal report (German edition, translated by Google).

The Wall Street Journal article also reports:

– Various French ear witnesses spoke of having heard two explosions. Why these first reports disappeared very quickly from the media?

– Contrary to recent media reports received by the French Air Patrol minutes before the crash an emergency message from the cockpit of the German Wings machine. This was confirmed by official representatives of the competent French authorities with respect to various media outlets. Relevant reports found among others at Spiegel Online, CNN, France24 and N24. Why disappeared after a short time, the reports of the distress signal from the media and image online waving in the completely opposite direction “Why there was no emergency”?

– Why should the co-pilot, who intended to kill himself, nor leave it an emergency message shortly before the crash?

– The witnesses testified against the French Air Force also that they heard an explosion and saw smoke coming from the A320 just before it crashed into the rock wall. What could have exploded on board?

The same article also asks:

How can the aircraft with more than 800 km / h flying at an altitude of about 1,500 meters into the mountain when physical reasons until around 6,000 meters a speed of 800 km / h can be achieved?

Naturally, a number of crackpot conspiracy sites have taken up this theme, which rather muddies the water — perhaps intentionally. What better way, after all, to discredit a conspiracy theory than to employ a bunch of idiots to offer nonsensical elaborations on the truth to be concealed?


John Rosenthal: The Trouble with Germanwings Flight 9525



PBS: Aviation expert: Germanwings crash investigation assigned blame before probe ended

DailyMail: Was Germanwings plane crashed by a HACKER instead of co-pilot? Aviation expert says the jet could easily be accessed remotely


WRH: Evidence that Germanwings Flight U 4U 952 broke up before impact with the ground

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No Political Opinions Please, We’re Canadian

The Toronto Symphony has barred Ukrainian-born artist Valentina Lisitsa from a forthcoming performance with the orchestra for commenting on the mainstream media’s biased coverage of the Nazi-backed coup d’état in Ukraine and Kiev’s genocidal war on ethnic Russians of South Eastern Ukraine.

As the Toronto Star reports:

In a statement apparently posted by the pianist to her Facebook page on Monday, Lisitsa — born in Kyiv — wrote about using social media to discuss the situation in Ukraine.

“I took to Twitter in order to get the other side of the story heard, the one you never see in the mainstream media — the plight of my people, the good and bad things that were happening in Ukraine,” the statement read. The post suggests the spirit of the Maidan uprising a year ago has been subverted and used to sow division within the country, adding that she has received death threats and been called a “paid Kremlin whore.”

The TO Symphony evidently headed by a bunch of Harperite whores.

Meantime, our guy in Kiev, Pietro Poroshenko, has appointed Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Right Sector (formerly Social Nationalist Party) leader as top military adviser to the country’s Chief of General Staff (source). But you won’t see anything about that in the Canadian media, which seems to confirm what Kiev-born Valentina Lisitsa has been saying.


Valentina Lisitsa: Facebook Mesage: Dear Friends

CTV News: Free speech ‘goes both ways’: Ukrainian pianist trades barbs with TSO over cancelled show

R-I: Toronto Symphony Orchestra president Jeff Melanson sounds like a perfect little commie commissar

Deep Resource notes the remarkable difference between the inquiry into the Germanwings airliner crash and the crash of Malaysia Airlines MH17 blown out of the sky in the Ukrainian war zone:

Two weeks after the Germanwings crash we know everything: what was on the audio tapes, the cause of the crash, the motivations of the co-pilot. There are no more open questions.

How different with MH17. After 8 months they can’t even decide if it was a A2A or S2A missile that brought down MH17. We still don’t know what was on the tapes. Unlike the GermanWings plane, the US government immediately had an idea about who had done MH17: Russia. Just like the US government proclaimed to know within hours that bin Laden was behind 9/11.

Why the difference? Deep Resource offers two reasons:


The MH17 carried 196 Dutch nationals, so you would expect the Dutch government to be anxious to get the truth out. But then, out of the blue, the US gave 122.5 ton gold back to the Dutch government.


One of the two key suspects, Ukraine, is part of the investigation team and has a veto right (over release of the investigators findings)…

In a subsequent post, Deep Resource reports on a a leaked email, written by a Dutch diplomat, which refers to a briefing by the Ukrainian Foreign Minister given three days before the MH17 shoot down in which he states that “the separatists don’t have the means to take down planes from high altitude.“ From which fact, Deep Resource draws the following conclusions:

  • The separatists did not do it, because they did not have the means to do it, as per Ukrainian foreign minister’s own admission.
  • Kiev didn’t do it either. You are not going to brief western diplomats on the highest level that the separatists don’t have the means to down the planes, if you intend to setup a false flag operation and blame the separatists anyway.
  • Technically, the Russians could have done it, like they likely did with the Antonov, but unlike the separatists, the Russians knew precisely which plane is what on the basis of radar information and downing a western plane is the last thing the Russians would want to do.

Which questions lead to the further question: if neither the Russians, nor the separatists, nor Kiev did it, than who did,  upon which subject DR makes a plausible case that the crime was the result of a botched attempt, organized by Ihor Kolomoisky, the then governor of the Ukrainian Oblast of Dnepropetrovsk, to assassinate Vladimir Putin.


The revelation by the Ukrainian Defense Minister that Ukraine had lost Antonov military transports during the assault on their own compatriots in Donbass is interesting in light of the recent report that the Antonov aircraft company of Ukraine, which contracted with the Government of Indian to refurbish  India`s fleet of Antononv military transports has managed to `lose`five of them without trace. Presumably, the planes were `borrowed` by the Ukrainian military and reduced to scattered debris over the killing fields of Eastern Ukraine by Russian missiles.

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