Posted by: CS | April 3, 2015

The 2015 UK Pre-election Leaders’ Debate

At the insistence of Prime Minister David Cameron, leaders not only of the significant national parties, but also of the Greens and the nationalists, both Scotch and Welsh, were included in this so-called debate, thus preventing any real one-on-one that could have seriously damaged the Tory leader.

The marginals, all female, filled much of the air time with the usual liberal-left drivel designed to extend the culture of entitlement not only to all citizens but to anyone who manages to set foot on British soil, including healthcare tourists, criminals and radical Muslims with a settler mentality. Obviously the best thing to do with the three of them would have been to tie them in sacks and dump them in the Bosphorus.

As for the males, Cameron’s performance was exemplary: i.e., a suave delivery of the lying bullshit to be expected from a war criminal, Libya-bombing, treasonous Conservative Friend of Israel, bankster-enabling, son-of-a-bitch, Eton-Oxford product with a nasal whine and the look about him of an ill-tempered raccoon.

Clegg delivered the Liberal bullshit with charismatic elan: Wage compression for low-skilled Brits due to mass immigration? No prob., just raise the minimum wage. Yeah, Cleggy, and let ’em eat cake.

Milliband the ugly Jew with a reconstructed schnozz and a weird adenoidal vocal system blathered on in a more or less meaningless but vaguely appealing way. In fact, you could almost like this guy.

And then Farage: not in his element at all, although he managed to inject several facts into an otherwise fatuous debate and even got off a couple jokes. The crowd, hand-picked, no doubt, was hostile,  but the punters watching on the tube probably thought differently.

Interesting to watch the closing moments. Cameroon shaking hands with Farage while showing as much warmth as flask of liquid helium; the Green woman, shaking hands with Farage before turning away as if about to vomit; and Milliband shaking hands with Farage as though he accepted the man as a member of the human race.

So, on points, I would rate Milliband the winner, mainly on personality; although Farage was the only one to say anything useful about the questions the public should consider before voting in a general election.

The Leaders Debate: Nigel Farage

Peter Hitchens On Nigel Farage’s Leader’s Debate Performance



  1. Excellent, and very funny, report which shows clearly why we English voters have got no real choice at the coming election. The 4 main parties are all NeoLiberal, and blatantly have elite puppets as leaders. Plus the Greens who are irrelevant. What sort of choice is that?

    At least the Scots and Welsh have Nats on the ballot. The ScotNats being potentially pivotal in Westminster after the Scots reject all the English dross and elect a near full slate of Nats. And surely the Scots will do this; why wouldn’t they? They are not stupid. I expect Scotland to be a Tory free zone afterwards. With maybe a few Labs surviving in the cities. And a Lib or 2 in the highlands.

    So what will be the final outcome? Impossible to call at present. Lab/ScotNat most likely I suppose, or maybe Tory/UKIP.

    Or even Tory/Lab to screw the Scots. Which would be ultimately disastrous for UK “democracy” because it would confirm the pointlessness of the whole exercise to a much wider demographic.

    There is already a large demographic of awake, and/or awakening, voters here in UK. Who see through the “democratic” dancers whose only purpose is to distract us all away from the really important issues that never get addressed. Add in the large number of apathetics/disinterested and you have a large majority of voters.

    Vote? No thanks. Wtf for?

  2. Not sure what a Scotch Nat or a Welsh Nat is when they are both committed to the EU. They want independence from the UK, but want to be part of the EU superstate, of which they would be among the most insignificant trivialities.

    What next, Yorkshire Nats — There are, after all, more Yorkshiremen than Scotch. Then can Cornwall be far behind. Or will it be London bidding to become a city state: why after all should they pay taxes to subsidize losers in Wales, Scotland, etc.?

    Nationalism makes sense only if there is a sufficiently large economy and population to maintain independence in a rough world. The UK out of the EU and Nato might just about survive, but certainly none of the parts, which would be bought or bullied into serving the Great Hegemon, whoever that might be at the time.

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