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The Dissolution of America and the Transition to Plutocratic Global Governance

The United States, says Professor Niall Ferguson of Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Berlin, New York, etc, etc., is an empire. Compared with its begetter, Great Britain (heretofore the World’s greatest empire), the US, says Ferguson:

…has a much bigger economy, many more people, a much larger arsenal. But it is an empire that lacks the drive to export its capital, its people and its culture to those backward regions which need them most urgently and which, if they are neglected, will breed the greatest threats to its security. It is an empire, in short, that dare not speak its name. It is an empire in denial.

Niall Ferguson: Empire and Colossus.

In a blog post commenting on the above, JAY writes:

Ferguson seems to believe that those “backward regions which need (American capital and people) the most urgently” are in Africa, South America or Asia, but these regions are actually in our very own cities. Hence, I would say that Ferguson is the one who is in denial.

Exactly. As with much else in Ferguson’s purported reasoning, there something seriously wrong here.

Empires exist to exploit the periphery for the benefit of the center not to transfer wealth in the other direction. Thus, when the British and other European empires invested in colonized lands, they did so primarily, not to benefit the colonized, but to facilitate the extraction of wealth or to achieve settlement and hence national expansion by the imperial nation.

But America’s present domination of much of the world works in exactly the opposite way. If the flow of capital from America (and the West collectively) is not in Ferguson’s view impressive, it has nevertheless been sufficient to transfer to the Third World a huge proportion of Western manufacturing capacity. The result has been to enrich workers of the Third World at the price of mass unemployment and income stagnation or decline in the West, while vastly increasing profits of international corporations.

At the same time the flow of population has been not from West to the Rest but in the opposite direction. Ferguson’s supposed great American empire, far from settling the world, is being settled by the World. Likewise the nations of Europe and Scandinavia, many under formal or de facto American military occupation, are being settled by a mass of migrants from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe. At the same time, Western populations, under an onslaught of propaganda and pornography promoting non-reproductive sex, are failing to achieve even close to a replacement rate of reproduction.

Central Michigan Railway Station, Detroit. (b. 1912, d. 1982).

Central Michigan Railway Station, Detroit. (b. 1912, d. 1982).

Thus Ferguson misconceives or obfuscates current geopolitical trends and the future of the United States. Except possibly in name, there will be no American Empire, because in the future there will be no American nation to which an empire could belong.

What, then, is occurring? The answer is that we have entered an era of global governance, which means an era in which the nation states undergo dissolution  for the better government of their people by a globalist elite.

In the future, the world is to be ruled by global entities such as the UN the WTO, the EU, NATO, G20, etc., plus others yet to be devised, which will dictate to the nominally independent nations of the world. Under this regime, capital, goods, people and profits will flow wherever state control over industry and commerce is minimal, where labor is cheapest and taxes are lowest.

For now, the US is the battering ram that is being used to destroy the world’s nation states, particularly the most powerful states, namely the US itself and the states of Western Europe still under de facto American military occupation since WW2.

The US, as a Euro-ethnic nation, is in the process of self-induced destruction through immigration and fertility reduction among the native-born. Likewise, the European nations are in the process of self-destruction as coherent racial, cultural and religious communities. Once ethnic, social and religious cohesion has been destroyed, the deracinated residual populations will be readily subordinated to a global institutions controlled by a plutocratic global elite.

The global system will be democratic, if at all, only in form, not substance. The strings will be pulled by the global plutocracy. China and Russia are already plutocratic states* and in America and Britain the money power continually diminishes the significance of democratic institutions. In the UK, for example, opinion surveys consistently show a huge majority (70% plus) opposed to mass immigration, yet mass immigration continues unabated under all governments.

The trivialization of racial differences is a necessary part of the globalist project, as is the break up of nation states when ever the opportunity arises, and, in the West, the trivialization of both Christianity and Islam (Nothing to worry about Christian churches being converted to mosques. Give Muslim immigrants to the West a generation and their religious conviction will have been thoroughly undermined by the secular state as is the case with most European Christians today.)

Multiculturalism is the third line of attack. Minus a racial, religious or cultural identity all nations must fail. The mongrelized masses of the world will then be reduced to the servile, micro-chipped status of domestic animals to be bred, culled and used in any way serving the interests of a plutocratic global elite.

* In Plutocrats, Chrystia Freeland, MP, reports that:

In China, the 70 wealthiest members of the National People’s Congress had a net wealth in 2011 of $89.8 billion.  In comparison, the total net worth of all 660 members of the three Federal branches of the U.S. Government was a mere $7.5 billion.

As for Russia, Freeland says: “Russia … gives plutocracy a bad name,” with the world’s highest ratio of billionaires relative to the size of the economy. On the same measure, India, soon to be the world’s most populous nation, ranks second.

Chrystia Freeland (TED talk, Video): The rise of the new global super-rich

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  1. “Likewise the former colonial powers of Western Europe, all of them under de facto American military occupation since WW2, are being settled by a mass of migrants from Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.”

    It’s not just the former colonial powers. The Scandinavian countries didn’t have empires outside Europe, yet they’re also being destroyed by immigration. Poland will also be victimized.

    • Correct. I have reworded the sentence to include Eastern as well as Western European states plus Scandinavia. In fact, my assumption is that the objective of the globalist elite is the mogrelization of all nations. That must explain, at least in part, the animus of Western governments directed against ethnocentric nations such as Iran, Russia and, more guardedly, China.

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