Posted by: CS | October 18, 2018

Why Maxime Bernier Matters to Canadians and Canadian Democracy

Maxime Bernier quit the Conservative Party of Canada to found his own People’s Party of Canada because, so he said, the Conservative Party, as a member of which he was elected to Parliament, is morally corrupt. But to state that a political party is corrupt, morally or otherwise, is to utter merely a truism. What the public should know is in what way the People’s Party of Canada would, in power, differ in direction from the other parties.

Now Bernier is spelling out that difference, and it’s a difference central to the life and character of the Canadian nation. On Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party Bernier states:

Under the Trudeau Liberals, more and more of our country’s policies are being determined not in the interest of Canadians, but in those of foreign countries and international organizations.

Under the Paris Agreement, the Liberals are literally sending billions of dollars to developing countries to help fund climate change policies.

This, of course, after imposing a carbon tax that will make our economy less competitive, raise prices, while having no effect whatsoever on the climate.

The Liberals are also pushing two new UN international agreement, the Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact on Migration, that commit Canada to accepting more migrants and spend more money on them.

Another of the many worrying aspects of these Compacts is that governments should promote a pro-migrant perspective and discourage media criticism of it.

The Liberals are subordinating the sovereignty, security, freedom, and economic interests of our country to international agreements that put foreigners first, not Canadians.

And what does Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party have to say on these essential issues of national sovereignty and democratic control?

As Bernier puts it pithily:


Canada is thus in the grip of the globalist interests, well served by both the Government and Her Majesty’s “loyal” opposition.

In fact, both parties are subordinate members of the Treason Party, which intends to sell out Canada’s working people to the globalist interests whose aim is the elimination of national borders to facilitate the maximization of corporate profit.

The globalist policy, which is already well advanced, is to move the capital and technology accumulated by the Western nations through the sweat and genius of generations, to wherever labor is cheapest, workplace health and safety standards are weakest, and environmental protection is minimal to non-existent, while at the same time, moving cheap labor to the West, both to drive down the cost of whatever work cannot be off-shored and to create windfall profits in real estate and construction as rapid population growth drives demand for housing and infrastructure.

For the people of the Western nations, the consequences of globalist policies are dire. Genocidal, in fact. Wages are depressed, housing costs explode, use of pot, porn, gambling, and abortion services is facilitated, as globalist brainwashing and the suppression of free speech is conducted not only by the publicly controlled institutions of K-to-early-middle-aged education, but by the corporate-controlled social media and Internet search empires of Zucks, Bryn, Page and like-minded scoundrel techies.

The result? Delayed or aborted family formation leading to below-replacement fertility in every one of the Western nations. But no prob, say the Liberals and Conservatives, we just need more immigrants. Yeah right. Let’s replace ourselves with people from elsewhere. And amazingly, folks are now so brainwashed that they truly do not care. Canada, under the leadership of the likes of Scheer and Trudeau are on a suicide course — we area  dying nation, and according to Trudeau’s Liberals and Scheer’s Conservatives, we don’t care. Indeed the minions of both parties seek urgently to teach us to hate those who point out the reality of our own impending extinction. As we live by Political Correctness, so shall we die by Political Correctness.

Maxime Bernier offers Canadians an opportunity to reconsider their course: to live on in the nation our ancestors built through toil and tears, or to accept that we are mere pawns in the game of the the globalist titans. That choice is not between immigrants or native born, but between, on the one hand, a nation of immigrants that creates its own cultural and racial posterity, and, on the other hand, a mere assembly of replaceable units of production, poor players that strut and fret their hour upon the stage, and are then heard no more.

Canada should, indeed, be friend of all the world, but not by submitting to the globalist elite and committing national suicide.


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