Posted by: CS | April 10, 2015

Are the Liberal Bastards for the Destruction of the British Nation Running Scared?

Blogger, Jew Among You, draws attention to this pseudo mea-culpa by Britain’s former chief enforcer of political correctness on racial matters, Trevor Phillips:

From it, I conclude that the Blairites (i.e., all the mainstream political parties in Britain, plus the nationalist Scotch and Welsh fringe) have been forced to change their line of attack on the British nation because the standard method of shutting up those who oppose the racial and cultural genocide of their own people through anti-natalist policies* combined with mass immigration and multiculturalism is no longer working.

What they used to do with critics is call them racists and, if possible, trap them in some violent expression of opinion for which they could be punished by the police and administrative forces of political correctness.

But too many people have figured out how the bastards twist the language, and have learned also the language and the concepts necessary to negate the lies without exposing themselves to liberal hate-speech and other anti-free speech measures.

The crime of genocide being committed by the British elite against the their own people is easily enough grasped as long as you know the basic facts, which are as follows. British women, who mostly still mate with British men, which is to say people of British ancestry dating to before 1950, have a fertility of 1.6 which is little more than two-thirds the replacement rate, whereas immigrant women mostly have a much higher fertility, with those from Bangladesh hitting 3.9 and Libyan mothers in Britain scoring brilliantly at 5.6. 

The process is the same throughout Europe and only the Russian state seems intent on reversing the death of its own people, a fact that may largely explain the tremendous hatred for Russia evident among staunch NATOists.

With, in Britain, a gross immigration rate of half a million people a year,existing policies mean rapid population replacement and thus, inevitably, the destruction of the native culture, i.e., both racial and cultural genocide.

In the meantime, as the silly English school principal featured in the video seemed to find truly wonderful, children who speak English as a second language are academically superior to native English speaking students, which is to say, English children have been reduced to the status of white trash, as a consequence of the fact that immigrants are generally of the more intelligent and energetic component of the population from whence they come, and hence their children also tend to be of above average ability. So even before they become a minority nationally (they already are a minority in London, Leicester, Birmingham and other great British cities) English children are being set up for social and economic failure.

But hey, the Phillips’s of the world are delighted to find a reason to do something for the indigenous people, now that they have been forced into a position of inferiority. And no doubt the remedial treatment will include a heavy dose of political correctness to deter any idea of rebellion.

* Britain’s anti-natalist policies which impact primarily the indigenous population, include K to 12 instruction in oral sex, masturbation and the use of a condom, propagandizing youth on the virtues of the homosexual life-style, and state funding of the annual slaughter of several hundred thousand of the unborn. In addition, rising house prices due to immigration-fueled demand, inhibits household formation and hence child rearing.


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