Posted by: CS | March 8, 2014

Putin’s Lost the Plot, In a World of His Own, Just a Total Loser, LOL

UKRAINIAN fascists, nationalists and anti-Semites, sponsored by America, seize power in Kiev, overthrowing the legitimate (if ineffectual) president, Viktor Yanukovych. These new overlords humiliate Russian-speakers by outlawing the language and stand poised to sack Russia’s naval base in Sebastopol. Ethnic Russians run to Vladimir Putin for protection; he duly comes to their rescue. Mysterious military men with Russian rifles save the peace-loving people from the fascist threat.

So runs the plot invented by Russian propagandists

The Economist

There you are, everything you thought you knew about events in Ukraine were invented by the Russkies. Even the facts as related above. LOL.

When even disgraced Canadian has-been, Brian Mulroney, is wheeled out to call Putin a loser, when No-NeoCon-War-I-Don’t-Like Stephen Harper and Hilary Clinton are calling Putin the new New Hitler, one can be pretty sure the West is taking a beating in Ukraine, as confirmed by Obama’s poll numbers which, according to Fox News

… are among the lowest in history. As of today, Obama’s approval rating is at 38%. That’s just barely above Richard Nixon.

Meantime, in Russia, according to Fox News:

Russian President Vladimir Putin may have to endure the stern disapproval of U.S. President Barack Obama, and the occasional insult from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as a result of his invasion of Ukraine. But at home, his approval ratings have soared to nearly 70 percent, up from just above 60 percent in December.

But ex-Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney drew attention, inadvertently, to one significant fact abour Putin. He said:

President Putin is not President Gorbachev…

The implication intended, obviously, is that if he were a President Gorbachev he’d be a vastly better man. And that would be true as far as the promoters of US global hegemony are concerned. Gorby, was the man who fell in love with the West, and who’s wife, according to Time magazine like to shop for jewellery at Cartiers in London, using an American Express card. And it was Gorby who let the Soviet Union slip from his grasp, to be torn apart by the oligarchs aided by American advisers and ex-Commie political operatives.

No, Puters is no Gorbachev. He has no inclination to see Russia absorbed into a fascist New World Order.



  1. Very good.

    – Aangirfan

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