Posted by: CS | January 29, 2014

Europe Deploys Platitudes in Kiev, Canada Adds Humbug

Speaking in Kiev, EU Foreign Policy chief Catherine Ashton said:

The solution has to be found that’s going to help move the country forward, and it needs to be a political process that is engaged in quickly and properly by everyone.

The responsibility is inevitably going to fall on government to do that as quickly as possible.

Fancy going all the way from Wigan to Kiev just to say that.

With support from the Government of Stephen Harper, Ukrainian protesters burn buses in Kiev. Source.

With support from the Government of Stephen Harper, Ukrainian protesters burn buses in Kiev. Source.

Meantime, Canada bars Ukrainian Officials over “repression” of Molotov cocktail throwing protesters and revolutionaries.

Which prompts the question: how would self-righteous Harperites respond to “protesters” breaking into Government Houses across the country and forcing the “resignation” of Royally appointed Lieutenant Governors.

One has only to ask, to know the answer.

Meantime, Ukrainians protest peacefully outside the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin. Source.

Meantime, Ukrainians protesters seek support (though they surely don’t need it) outside the Ukrainian embassy in Berlin. Source.

According to a Russian source, Party of Regions deputy Vadym Kolesnichenko, has stated that the militants in the Ukraine have been trained with financial support from Western security services.

He said the Ukrainian opposition had discredited itself and its leaders were preparing a civil war and bloodshed in the center of Kiev.

It is a task for the authorities to prevent that from happening, and it is a task of people to look into [the situation] and to realize finally that the opposition has used people as expendables, a bargaining chip in its narrow corporate and selfish interests,” the politician said.

Those we can see are not peaceful protesters. They are well trained and equipped gangs, who aim to transform this conflict into a civil confrontation and try to make the authorities use force.

The extraordinary fatuity of European diplomacy over Ukraine was emphasized yesterday at the the twice-yearly meeting between Russia and the EU when a dinner offer to Putin was withdrawn. Take that you homophobic, Christ-loving, hater of the New World Ordure, and stinking main supplier of energy to Western Europe.

This would be funny if it did not presage a bloody civil war or worse.

Some useful perspective on the state of things in the Ukraine is provided by comments on this WaPo blog piece.



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