Posted by: CS | January 22, 2014

What the Jews Got Right

I know virtually nothing of Judaism other than from my reading of the Bible. But from that I infer that Judaism is a theology that promotes group survival and propagation. Christianity, insofar as it was seen as a more inclusive form of the Jewish religion, but with a promise of heavenly rewards to keep the slaves and peasants in check, worked pretty much the same way, and must account in large part for the rise of Christendom to its early twentieth century position of world domination.

But the West has ditched Christianity for Liberalism, which is something quite different. Liberalism is the practical implementation of atheistic utilitarianism, which eliminates the fear of God as a social control mechanism, while encouraging everyone to do whatever makes them feel good, insofar as it does not harm another.

The question of what harms another is not easily resolved, however, which means that without a system of imposed control, a liberal society will degenerate into a free for all. Thus, liberalism ends up as a totalitarian system of universal surveillance and legally enforced political correctness.

Recognizing the need for external control of human action in a society without God, Jeremy Bentham, the founder of modern utilitarianism, invented the Panopticon, a structure designed to allow 24/7 observation of prison inmates. Bentham also proposed that Panopticons could be used as “houses of industry, work-houses, poor-houses, lazarettos, manufactories, hospitals, mad-houses, and schools.”

The Panopticon, which as Bentham believed provided “a new mode of obtaining power of mind over mind, in a quantity hitherto without example,” naturally appeals to all totalitarians and the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, actually constructed a huge Panopticon prison complex.

But an architectural solution to the surveillance problem is now obsolete. Instead we have the NSA plus surveillance cams on every street corner. In the UK, the peeping state even has 825 CTV cameras in pupils’ toilets or changing rooms just to watch school girls taking a pee.

God was a harsh taskmaster but preferable, it seems to me, than living under the random and often more or less insane dictates of liberals, which are leading to the destruction not only of Western civilization, but of the Western nations.

(These comments prompted by a thought-provoking post by Jew Among You.)

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  1. I’d rather have a make-believe man in the sky telling me what to do than a real man in the White House telling me what to do.

    • Just reading Francis Fukuyama, The Origins of the Political Order. Your sentiment, he maintains, is universal and the basis not only of religious faith but of the state, which is to say, civilization.

      His argument is that although people, like chimps and other anthropoid apes, cooperate with those they know from past experience to be cooperative, this does not allow them to function efficiently in a large group, where it is advantageous to cooperate with strangers. Shared religion provides a set of rules that facilitate cooperation among strangers. Moreover, Fukuyama argues, humans have an innate tendency to invest rule following with emotional significance, which explains the universality of religion in human society.

      Though fascinating, such a theoretical framework provides a powerful tool in the hands of liberals intent on destroying society as we know it.

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