Posted by: CS | January 21, 2014

From Christendom to the Politically Correct Totalitarian State

It is widely believed that we live in a scientific age, yet if one were to judge the age by the beliefs not only of the masses but of supposedly educated people and even of members of the elite, one would have say that we live not in a scientific age, but in an age of extraordinarily unscientific credulity.

This is the age of the Tweet. The age where any opinion, however inane, self-serving, or illogical, if uttered by a person of significant political profile,  a nine-figure net worth, or an endowed academic chair, is assimilated and reiterated by millions with little if any apparent reflection.

Such is the ideal environment for the intellectual impostor and the political propagandist, which is to say the perfect environment for those intent on attaining totalitarian domination of society.

To that end, all loyalties other than to the state must be undermined, most notably, loyalty to God and family. And in a supposedly scientific age, nothing is easier than debunking God. I mean, do you really believe some ridiculous Hebrew creation myth or do you accept the Big Bang as endorsed by Nobel Prize winners?

As for Christianity, who’s gonna believe all that about a virgin birth, miracles, resurrection, and stuff.

No, atheism’s easy and blasphemy is fun. Remember John Cleese in Faulty Towers shaking his fist at the almighty? Very funny. Actually, it would have been funnier if at that moment Cleese had been struck by lightning and reduced to a smoking spot of grease — and I mean for real. But God no longer seems to be on the job, so most educated Westerners consider religion an outdated and detrimental myth that would limit their opportunities for sexual gratification, while burdening them with unnecessary pangs of conscience about those many small lies that assist in navigating the shoals of personal and public responsibility.

Today you’ll get more credit for condemning Christianity as child abuse, than for acting like a Christian. In fact, anyone acting as a Christian is considered either a knave or a dupe — and almost certainly a homophobe.

What the atheist crusaders fail to acknowledge, though, is that religious faith affects a person’s conduct in a measurable way that can be judged good or bad independently of the truth of falsehood of the belief that underlies conduct.

Religious faith is rather like belief in Father Christmas. You don’t have to really, really believe in order to enter into the spirit of the thing. Or as that Victorian atheist, Winston Churchill, remarked “In times of fear or perplexity I pray to God. It helps. It helps a lot.”

And religious faith is important not only because it can help in managing one’s emotions but because it shapes behavior in a measurable and socially desirable way.  In a purely academic study, Piazza and Landy found evidence of “fundamental differences in the moral decisions of religious and non-religious individuals.” specifically, they found that religious people were less likely than the non-religious to judge lying, stealing, adultery, etc., to be morally permissible. Wow. Who’d have thought that?

What’s more, the influence of religious faith is evident in the crime statistics. As headlined in the Daily Mail: Church-goers are less likely to shoplift, take drugs and download music illegally.

Or consider the impact of religious faith more broadly still: the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Maoist China were totalitarian regimes that set out to destroy religious faith the more readily to establish the absolute, god-like power of the state. All failed. All did vast damage to their own people.

Now the West, in the name of science and globalization is proceeding down the same road to atheist Hell. Goodbye to the Christian conscience. Hello to the politically correct liberal totalitarian state, the NSA, Homeland Security,  universal video surveillance, and assassination in pursuit of The War Against Terror (or TWAT).

David Gelernter: The Danger of Crusading Atheists: 


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