Posted by: CS | January 17, 2014

Paranoia Goodbye

Traffic has been mostly light here at CanSpeccy since we moved from Blogger to WordPress, which seems to confirm the suspicion that Blogger’s usage stats are of dubious reliability — although things picked up yesterday in response to some links kindly provided by Aangirfan

Occasionally, someone stops by with a comment to the effect that we’re the dumbest blogger on the face of the planet and should quit wasting people’s time with our inane remarks and take up selling cats’ meat instead.* Such comments naturally remain forever in my spam folder.**

But in fact, I am a professional vendor of cats’ meat and only blog in the evenings after I have sold the last skewer-full, hoping in time, under the helpful guidance of strangers, to attain to a coherence and clarity that will prove to be a model for all.

Another passerby who rather spookily addressed me as “bro,” and who expressed approval of the “tenor” or our remarks, commented, perhaps with every intention of kindness: “Gosh, I wish you weren’t quite so paranoid,” the kind of comment to make one paranoid as Hell, obviously.

It’s true, though, that the “tenor” of our remarks might be seen by some as paranoid, since the overriding theme has been The Revolt of the Elites, which in a democracy can be more starkly described as the treason of the elites.

In particular, I have focused on a crime that the Holocaust-obsessed Western media will never mention; namely, the genocide of the European peoples, through a program of fertility reduction, state funded abortion and mass immigration of people of an alien race, religion and culture, and the suppression of opposition by legally enforced political correctness, and population demoralization by routine sexual humiliation by the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration and other agencies of the police state.

Generalizing this position, I have taken the line of supporting all indigenous peoples, including, particularly, the pre-European settlement natives of Canada where I now live, but extending even to extinct aboriginal communities that might be revived by advanced genetic technology.

Whether this amounts to paranoia, or the a dull glimmering of understanding that democracy is dead, deceased, fake — phony as the thee dollar coin you can purchase from the Canadian Mint for seventy-five bucks — I leave to the reader’s judgment.

Just for once, though, I thought I should bid paranoia farewell and talk about something nice, such as Victoria’s annual winter flower count, invented I assume by the real estate board to bring flocks of snowbound Easterners to town in search of idyllic retirement homes (oops, sorry, forget that paranoid thought).

Or perhaps you’d be interested in the recipe for spicy lentil soup I acquired from my old graduate school companion, Dhananjay Kumar, with whom, over 50 years ago, I often took an evening meal in the basement kitchen of the lab where we worked.

But a visit with Jon Rappoport, undermined my resolve. Jon, who is a better writer than I and even more paranoid, has just completed a insightful series of articles on the enigmatic Edward Snowden, which show seemingly beyond doubt the impossibility of the mainstream media story of the clean-cut lad who outwitted the mightiest spy machine the world has ever seen.

On the contrary, Rappoport argues, the Snowden leaks were an op., most likely run by Snowden’s past employer, the CIA, to take the NSA down a notch.

This seems reasonable to me. But then who’s running the CIA. The President of the US of A, has, in theory, ultimate command of the CIA. So was the Snowden op. OK’d by the President himself?

It’s interesting. Since Obama’s reelection, everything’s gone to rat shit: the so expensively and long-cultivated and bloody Syrian civil war peremptorily put a stop to by the much despised homophobic Putin; the war on Iran, now blocked by failure in Syria; ObamaCare reduced to fiasco by a lousy Website; the NSA exposed for massive infringement of the United States Constitution; even the presidential marriage reported to be on the rocks; and the President’s approval rating the lowest since Richard Nixon’s abdication.

But there seems a contradiction here. Syrian war? Did not most Americans oppose it? Iran war? Did not most Americans want that trigger for global nuclear war even less than a Syrian war? If ObamaCare has to be aborted, won’t most Americans cheer? If Obama has been sleeping around, wouldn’t most macho Americans approve?

What then is driving down Obama’s ratings? Media hostility seems the only explanation. Which suggests that the reelected Obama has tricked the bastards that pull the strings. that, alone, may not make him a hero in my eyes. But it sure makes him a more interesting president than he was, as a first-termer, following the Bush–Clinton–Bush….Clinton global-plutocratic-hegemony line.

*With acknowledgment to P.G. Wodehouse.

** I dealt with this commentator on a previous occasion here, but the advice keeps coming anyway.



  1. Obomber a hero! You must be joking! It doesn’t read like irony. Are you serious?

    Do really think that he is any different from the Daddy Bush – Bill Clinton – Baby Bush – Hillary Clinton plutocracy? This seems like wishful thinking on your part.

    His national credibility seemingly came out of nowhere. But he was fully backed by the controlled mainstream media. This alone makes him deeply suspect in my mind.

    His families CIA background is telling. Plenty more like this if you care to look:

    His repressed homosexuality clearly demonstrates his facility with deception; and his vulnerability to deep state control. The Chicago bathhouse stories are legion……

    He is no different from a long line of plutocratic puppets. The destruction of the US Constitution has continued apace on his watch; even faster than Baby Bush in many respects

    How exactly has he “tricked the bastards that pull the strings”?

    It seems far more likely to me that his hollow puppetry has been rumbled by the electorate.

  2. I explicitly stated that recent events have not made Obama a hero in my eyes but that it was interesting that he had aborted the build-up to war on Syria and Iran, incurring a bad press almost certainly as a direct result.

    What’s going on here I have no clear idea. But even if Obama was raised to the Presidency as someone’s puppet, it is not inconceivable that he’s taken it into his head to act with some independence. After all, what can the puppet masters do to Obama if he declines to take direction? Nothing, it would seem, other than assassinate the guy, which would be a bit blatant after so many other spooky events that have dictated the course of American policy over the last 60 years.

    But more likely, Obama is not so much a puppet as the fulcrum at which various forces act. Not all the powers-that-be in the US are NeoCon, or Zionist. And even some of the Neocons and Zionists may now hesitate to launch an essentially bankrupt USA into another multi-trillion-dollar war that it is likely to lose as it has largely lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Even madmen must hesitate before launching what could become a world war leading to the annihilation of the US and much of the rest of the world beside.

  3. I followed the Syria events very closely last year. I even lobbied my own MP here in the UK after the whole UK mainstream media establishment relentlessly propagandised for war. [Even the Guardian and BBC joined in, to their eternal shame] Thousands of others did likewise with their own MP. Thankfully my MP joined the Tory rebels that threw out Cameron’s barefaced proposals to join in the apparently long planned US/UK attack. This was the pivotal event I think

    It seemed to me that Skull and Bones Kerry was the key US warmonger all along. [Another closet homosexual, Hague, was the warmonger in chief in the UK] But anyone who followed the alternative media quickly realised that the chem WMD line was a false flag. Their own Al CIAda “rebels” [terrorists] fired the Saudi/Qatar provided chem weapons! The pictures of the “victims” were deeply suspect. Nobody surely doubts this now, the evidence is overwhelming.

    After the UK pulled out Kerry made some stupid errors [from a warmongers point of view] and was comprehensively out manouvered by Putin and co. The US Congress was besieged by citizen lobbying just like the UK. Obomber had no choice but to pull the plug. He was certain to lose any vote in the house

    But these evil people play a long game. They will topple Syria one way or another I fear. They are at it again as I write, in the so called “peace talks”. S&B Kerry again

    Is it really Obomber who sets the strategy? I very much doubt it

    Is he anything but a front man for the media and asleep citizens? I very much doubt it

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