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Pushback: Duck Dynasty Versus the Globalist Empire

Duck Dynasty, according to Wikipedia, is an American reality television series on the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Television Network, a joint venture of Hearst Corporation and the Disney–ABC Television Group.

The show features the lives of the Robertson family, whose family-owned business, Duck Commander, in West Monroe, Louisiana, makes products for duck hunters, including a duck call named Duck Commander. The Robertson men, says Wikipedia, brothers Phil and Si, and Phil’s sons Jase, Willie, and Jep, are known for their long beards and their religious views.

How uninteresting, one might think, except:

that Duck Dynasty is the most-watched nonfiction American cable series in history,  the fourth season premiere drawing 11.8 million viewers;

that Phil Robertson, the family patriarch last week stated in an interview with GQ magazine that homosexuality is, according the Bible and Christian doctrine, a sin, comparable to bestiality and adultery;

that Cable network A&E expressed the conventional politically correct “disappointment” at these comments and placed Robertson on “hiatus” from filming episodes of Duck Dynasty;

that Robertson’s remarks were generally described by the media as “anti-gay” and drew condemnation from GLAAD and the NAACP, the latter calling Robertson a “Racist,” with reference, apparently to the following quote from what Robertson calls a ghost-written autobiography:

I never, with my eyes, saw the mistreatment of any black person. Not once. Where we lived was all farmers. The blacks worked for the farmers. I hoed cotton with them. I’m with the blacks, because we’re white trash. We’re going across the field…. They’re singing and happy. I never heard one of them, one black person, say, ‘I tell you what: These doggone white people’—not a word!… Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy? They were godly; they were happy; no one was singing the blues;”

that Southern country store and restaurant chain, Cracker Barrel, began yanking Duck Dynasty-related items from its stores on Friday in the wake of patriarch Phil Robertson’s comments to GQ magazine, saying it didn’t want to offend fans of the A&E hit reality series;

that the move by Cracker Barrel promptly back-fired as the company admitted on its Facebook page:

You flat out told us we were wrong. We listened. Today, we are putting all our Duck Dynasty products back in our stores. And, we apologize for offending you;

that, at Wal-Mart, sales of Duck Dynasty franchise items skyrocketed all across the USA;

that Phil Robertson has reasserted his beliefs,  identifying them as those of the Christ-following Jews of 2000 years ago:

Commonsense says we are not going to procreate the human race unless we have a man and a woman. From the beginning Jesus said, “It is a man and a woman.” Adam was made and Eve was made for this reason. They left their fathers and mothers and united to become one flesh, that’s what marriage is all about.

But we looked at it and said it was an outdated stereotype. When you look back at the human race, the sins have always been the same: We get high, we get drunk, we get laid, we steal and kill.

Has this changed at all from the time God burnt up whole cities because their every thought was evil?

Now isn’t that just racist. I mean, he’s flat out advocating the reproduction of the race. That’s the filthy white race, he means. Those Europeans who created the American nation.

This is a challenge to the Global Empire, which requires the destruction of the nations of the earth, with the possible exception of one.

It represents, apparently, not less than 11.8 million Americans.

Lucky for Obama, he was on vacation when Phil Robertson was “put on hiatus” and thus saved from stepping into the line of fire before the full force of this reaction to the anti-Christian globalist empire became evident.

Thing is, though, the revolutionaries have now tasted blood. They’ve won a stunning psychological victory over the forces of  national genocide.

But this is not the only new challenge the globalists face. Foxconn, the Apple Inc. contractor and employer of mass wage-slave labor in China, is building a factory in Harrisburg, Pa, its plans, according to McCleans Magazine being:

largely driven by the fact that its customers, American tech darlings such as Apple and Hewlett Packard are under intense public pressure to reshore production …

Wal-Mart, for the same reason, has pledged to spend $50 billion over the next decade to source more domestic products.

Such concessions mean almost nothing in practical terms: a mere 500 jobs at FoxConn’s proposed American operation, versus six million manufacturing jobs off-shored during the last decade; a claimed $50-billion reduction over ten years  in overseas sourcing of merchandise by Wal-Mart versus Wal-Mart’s yearly imports of a quarter of a trillion dollars. But they show that the money power can be made to flinch. A hard push now and they could be routed.

What’s needed is real immigration control, and an across-the-board tariff to enable Americans and Europeans to once again make shoes and shirts, car parts and computers for one another rather than importing them from the sweatshops of Asia.

Sure that will mean higher prices for every manufactured product. So what? Without jobs at decent wages the mass of Americans and Europeans create minimal consumer demand and thus the economies of Europe and America stagnate.

Following the financial crisis, money could have been recycled into the hands ordinary folks, but the globalists and their political puppets used the crisis to reduce the masses to slavery.

Mass immigration and free trade — that is the unfettered movement of capital, goods and labor to minimize costs and taxes while maximizing profits of global corporations — was the mechanism of enslavement. Wages in the West were to be equalized with the sweatshop rates of Bangladesh, the Philippines, India and China.

Meantime, in a phony exercise in providing economic stimulus, the banks that should have been bankrupted and their managers jailed, were bailed out with $trillions in public funds as their directors and operatives continued to receive obscene salaries and bonuses.

But now the globalization project is running into trouble in Europe as well as in America. Under US military and deep-state occupation since 1945, Europeans may, at the next EU election, vote in a marjority of EuroSkeptic members to the European parliament.

EuroSkeptic means anti-mass immigration, which means a fight back against the ongoing genocidal drive to destroy the peoples of Europe as sovereign democracies, and as unique racial, religious and cultural communities.

Workers of the West unite: you have nothing to lose but a plutocratic oligarchy intent on your national destruction and your reduction to the status of a domestic animal to be bred, culled, and brainwashed as needed in the service of the very rich.


Truth dawns: political correct moral relativism is in irreconcilable conflict with Christianity.

Wanted: Dead or Alive. Image source.

Wanted: Dead or Alive. Image source.

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  1. “Mass immigration and free trade — that is the unfettered movement of capital, goods and labor to minimize costs and taxes while maximizing profits of global corporations — was the mechanism of enslavement.”

    Right on, bro! Have you been reading me? (Also liked your recent comment on iSteve — the tenor of it I mean)

  2. Reading you? Where? What?

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