Posted by: CS | December 19, 2013

Why the Ukraine Chose Russia: What the Western Media Won’t Tell You

From the mainstream media, one might think that Russia’s interest in the Ukraine is that of an imperial power intent on regaining control of a wayward colony. Thus, according to a Globe and Mail editorial:

Mr. Yanukovych [Ukraine’s President], for all his many faults, is not simply a puppet of Vladimir Putin. But his steps have given many of his countrymen the sense that he intends to move Ukraine away from the West, and back into the orbit of Russia, the country’s former occupier.

Kiev, Ukraine: Vladimir the Great ruler of the Kiev Rus, who Christianized Russia in the year 988. Image source.

Kiev, Ukraine: Vladimir the Great, ruler of the Kiev Rus, who Christianized Russia in the year 988. Image source.

No hint there of the fact: that the Ukraine was the place of origin of the slavic race; that, at its founding in 882, Kiev was the capital of the Russian state (Kievan Rus); that although at various times the territory fell under Mongol, Lithuanian, Polish, Ottoman, Austrian and Cossack domination, the Ukraine entered into a treaty of protection with Russia in 1654 following 13 years of war with Poland, remaining thereafter within the “Russian orbit” since long before the founding of the United States; that the Ukraine has a large Russian minority; that there are several million Ukrainians living in adjacent parts of Russia; that the Russian language is the dominant language in 70% of the territory of the Ukraine; that the Ukrainians have no fond memories of Germany, the EUs dominant power, which during WW2, launched on Ukrainian territory the largest land battle the world has ever seen; that many famous “Russian” were, in fact, Ukrainian — the novelist Gogol, for example, or the homosexual composer Tchaikovsky who, according to President Putin, all Russians love, and  my boyhood hero, 5000 and 10,000 meter world record holder and Olympic gold medal winner, Vladimir Kuts (and here).

No hint either that Yanukovych is the democratically elected president of the Ukraine or that those violently protesting the Ukraine government’s preference for an economic arrangement with Russia over a deal with the EU are funded and incited by the same people who funded and incited the Arab spring, which is to say the agents of American globalist imperialism.

But though the EU and the US would very much like to humiliate Russia by drawing into the Western economic orbit and NATO’s influence another part of the former Soviet Union, when it came to the crunch Russia (GDP $2 trillion) outbid the sclerotic, tightwad EU (GDP $16 trillion) by offering the Ukraine not only $15 billion in aid but a deal on gas prices.

Still the hate goes on. The Russian government is condemned for homophobia because the Russian parliament voted unanimously to outlaw homosexual propaganda and recruitment among juveniles. To pay them out, the US is sending a a delegation of homosexuals to represent it at the Sochi winter Olympics. A rather silly gesture. Billy Jean King may have put the fear of God into female tennis players of her generation, but how’s her presence in Russia supposed to worry the Russian government?

And how contemptible. Under what international law or rule of common sense or decency does one nation insult another because of a cultural or religious difference of opinion? The Russian people, like the nations of the West, is dying. The fertility of Russian women is only two-thirds the replacement rate, better than most of the West, but still catastrophic if maintained for any length of time. Why, then, should Russia adopt the Western commitment to the destruction of family values and the promotion of every form of non-reproductive sex?

As Putin has remarked,

the white race is dying.

That the West is intent on the destruction of its own people, is no reason for Russians to regret their government’s opposition to a policy of national genocide.



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