Posted by: CS | December 5, 2013

America: From Global Hegemon to Welfare Basket-Case

According to the American Census Bureau, 151,014,000 Americans — half the US population — are in receipt of government benefits, which is seven million more than those currently in the workforce.

With more citizens in receipt of government aid than in receipt of a paycheck, America must surely be the world’s No. 1 welfare state.

And with ObamaCare, the corporate sector get an addition to their share of government aid, albeit through a weird scheme whereby the government compels citizens to purchase private healthcare insurance.

Already US healthcare accounts for 17.9% of GDP, twice that of every other country on earth, although America ranks only 33rd among nations in life expectancy.

But with Obamacare, America’s grotesque misapplication of wealth to the medical industry will be accentuated. If it’s on the insurance, who’s to worry about costs? Everyone will want the best, and America’s insurance-pharmaceutical-hospital-physicians-complex will be only too glad to provide. So costs are bound to escalate and the increased costs will be automatically passed back to the public through increased, compulsory, insurance premium payments.

But trouble looms. Not only is the ObamaCare online interface seriously deficient in security, but young Americans are refusing to sign up. That’s  a big problem. Insurance only work if those who don’t claim help cover the costs of those who do claim. And with health insurance it is chiefly the young who don’t claim. So if the young won’t buy into ObamaCare, thereby subsidizing older participants whose claims exceed the cost of their insurance premiums, the system will collapse under its own weight.

Perhaps that’s why Obama is shedding crocodile tears over the economic fate of American youth who’ve been screwed by America’s bipartisan imperialist/globalist agenda to off-shore millions of US manufacturing jobs, while allowing into America uncounted millions of illegal immigrants to take low-wage and underground economy jobs.

The solution, according to Obama is to raise the minimum wage. But how does raising the minimum wage to  around $1200 a month help American garment workers keep their jobs in the face of competition from Bangladeshis sweated in collapsible factories  and earning a mere $69 dollars a month ? Or how does it help Americans compete with illegal immigrants ready to work at just about any wage in the underground economy?

Meantime, China has become the World’s greatest manufacturing nation, and the  Renminbi has just overtaken the Euro as No. 2 Currency in World Trade

Looks past time for the US to abandon its imperial ambitions. Two years ago, Hillary Clinton — displaying that curious characteristic the Clinton’s have of occasionally stating some obvious but significant truth,  said ‘We’re losing the war’.

The reason, she said, was those pesky Chinese and Russians:

China is there every day, figuring out how they’re going to come in behind us, come in under us…

We are engaged in an information war … China and Russia have started multi-language television networks [and] We are paying a big price for dismantling international communications networks after the end of cold war.

But if CNN, Fox News, Google News, and all the rest cannot compete with Russia Today, the People’s Daily or Iran’s Press TV, it’s hard to see how revamping the Voice of America would make any difference.

A better idea, one might think, would be to get out of the empire business, end the occupation of Europe and the ongoing project to to create a Third-Worldized mongrel race in Europe to be in the image of America’s own, and look instead to the restoration in America of a competitive market economy with anti-monopolies legislation, a free press, and a government not in thrall to the money power.

Which is what most Americans think.

According to a Pew Trust poll, most Americans believe that the U.S. should ‘mind its own business internationally’ .

What’s more, by a huge majority, Americans believe that US companies off-shoring jobs “mostly hurts” the country.


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