Posted by: CS | November 27, 2013

The Death of Europe

Yesterday, I argued that Western elites have embarked on the genocide of their own people with the intention of replacing them, in large part, with Third World immigrants assumed to be of superior genetic endowment but culturally adapted to an undemocratic and authoritarian political regime.

But, argues Colin Liddell, in an essay at Alternative Right,

The internationalist Leftist elites that have ruled Europe since World War II have failed. [and in doing so] have created the very world that they most feared…

… All that they hold dear – gay rights, women’s lib, abortion-on-demand, the moral free-for-all, welfarism, gender equality, and even racial equality – now hangs by a thread, all because their great game plan is coming unstuck.

They thought that the way to win total victory in the great cultural and ideological war with the old conservative order was to destroy it with multiculturalism, a perfect strategy because it was something that could only be fought against with racism, parochialism, and a rejection of the global economy – all things that had been stigmatized beforehand. The old order was caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. The more they fought back the more the Left could screech the dreaded R-word and their other incantations and intimidate their naive and befuddled opponents. Fish being shot in a barrel would have put up stiffer resistance.

But this was only half of their grand strategy. They realized that once traditional Europe had been destroyed or cowed into impotent acquiescence that they would be left with a new problem: vast populations of still grateful immigrants, who nevertheless had their own values, interests, and agendas quite distinct from those of the Left.

The very values that had made the non-White masses an effective weapon against the old order also made them utterly divergent from their Leftist benefactors on social values, general outlook, and much else.

So, the Left had a further plan, a little sketchy perhaps, but a plan nonetheless. It was to be a cultural version of the great scheme of racial extermination of which it had accused its enemies, the Nazis, in WWII; a plan to subject the immigrant hordes to identity genocide and cultural extermination on a vast scale. Instead of train timetables and the amount of fuel expended to burn X tons of human flesh, this would be about TV schedules and how many megabytes of porn could be downloaded.

You can kill a people bodily by massacring them, or working them to death, starving or gassing them. All these are possible, but require a will that few if any civilized peoples have ever had. The Left’s plan however was that, having filled Europe with vast, non-European hordes, who would inevitably be mainly from the Islamic world, they would de-Islamify them to the point where their original culture became less important than whatever football team they were given to support in its place.

The expectation, however, that the “new Europeans” could be  seduced, propagandized, and intimidated into abandoning their cultural, religious and reproductive traditions has, Liddell argues, proved false.

The plan was that the Muslims, after serving their function, would be exposed to empowered Western women, broadband porn, supermarkets, sneering satire, and droves of atheistic teachers and professors who would make their childish Islamic certainties disappear in a puff of smug logic. The assumption was that within a generation or two the former cannon fodder of multiculturalism, so successfully deployed against those stuffy old conservatives and prickly nationalists, would have settled down into the rootless, decultured masses that Leftism craves as the raw material for its utopias.

The third world Camp of the Saints would be welcomed by the cultural death camps of the West in the schools, shopping malls, and universities. Instead of barbed wire, machine gun towers, barrack huts, and gruel, they would be given priority on housing lists, welfare, television and the internet. Instead of bullets in the back of the head or one-way trips to the proverbial showers and ovens, their Islamic souls were to be destroyed by the flood of knowing, sensual, cynical, and superior European ‘culture.’

Their women were to be taken from them by parading around them the ‘liberated’ women of the West, with their short skirts, dead wombs, and glitzy fashions. “What sloe-eyed little doe from the Third World could resist that?” the complacent Leftist thought, possibly rubbing his hands at the thought of some extra exotica for his own bed. As for their young men, they were to be consoled by the pleasures of the hedonistic West, sport and the hot-and cold-running porn that would be piped in, at taxpayers’ expense, to every abode.

Half-baked as it was, this was the plan, but how soon it has become unstuck! Almost everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. The Muslims have cleaved to their old ways, or picked up those of other alienated and resentful groups, like the West Indians. Rather than mixing with the spiritual poison of the dying Whites, they have segregated themselves by taking over neighbourhoods, keeping their women at home, and maintaining their traditions and birth rates. Not hard to do as Europe’s Leftist elites insist on picking up the bill.

The power is flowing in exactly the opposite direction to that expected by the Leftists. Instead of being subjects of de-Islamification, they instead range out to groom, rape, and occasionally impregnate the indigenous women, and make converts among the spiritually vacuous Westerners.

Some Muslims fall away, but not nearly in statistically significant numbers; and those that do Islam sometimes kills or calls back. Even the cultural acid that the Left had placed its faith in, the endless drip-drip or porny materialism, delivered through the modern media, seems powerless. Yes, they watch the internet porn to remind themselves of the worthlessness of the infidels, but they also use the same medium for video clips of their enemies having their heads sawn off.

As for critiquing and ridiculing the religion of an uneducated sixth-century camel herder, even this has to be toned down for fear of provoking a violent backlash. Yes, Mohammed the epileptic paedophile is thus immune to official criticism because the Leftist elites fear the very same charge of “racism” that these multicultural minions allowed them to make against the old order.

As for the attractions of the leftist mindset, Muslims and other Third Worlders seem strangely unmoved by the joys of doctrinal atheism, gay marriage, childlessness, wind power, and bicycle lanes.

So, Islam keeps its coherence, Muslims keep their identity and their women keep pumping out the all-important children. And as their numbers grow, the politicians who once fawned on them as a tool and tactic to get at others, now increasingly fawn on them for their own sake.

Awkward trade-offs still seem to be possible: “We’ll give you more welfare, make polygamy legal, and turn a blind eye to creeping sharia, if you let us use your votes for our pet Leftist projects.” A case of ripping up the ship’s decks to keep the engines going!

The hell that the Left hoped to create for the Right has now metastasized into a hell for all, and an antechamber to the still greater hell that is to come. The Leftist must increasingly realize that his two-stage plan only ever had one stage that worked, and that the second stage – the cultural genocide of the Third World masses – is a dead letter. Now where does that leave us?

Tower of London, Block. Image source.

Tower of London, Block. Image source.

Where indeed? Resolving the mess might well begin with impeachment of the treasonous architects of the destruction of their own nation, followed, in Britain, by beheadings in the traditional English way— upon a scaffold, with an axe, at the Tower of London.

Next it would make sense to remove without delay 400,000 immigrants now living in Britain on welfare. After that, the replacement of the entire so-called educational bureaucracy with people untainted by the murderous project of making education a process of politically correct indoctrination.

A clearout of dead wood and atheists in the Anglican church would obviously be necessary, as would the compulsory purchase and rededication to Christ of all Anglican churches converted to Mosques. Then, once the immigrants of alien culture and settler mentality have got the message, a generous program of assistance to those opting for voluntary repatriation to their land of origin.

That’s a start. It should get things moving in the right direction, although much more would remain to be done. For the indigenous people, what remains of them, the culture of debauchery and mindless materialism must end. Economic discipline must be restored. Pregnancy should no longer be a guarantee of publicly funded board and lodging. All feckless reproduction must give rise to harsh social and economic sanctions. Concern for the poor and the helpless must be moderated by an intelligent appreciation of evolutionary processes and of the insanity of arrangements favoring procreation by the least capable and the least responsible.

An entire revamp of western society is required. Values and priorities must change. If the most intelligent women are too busy to breed, our civilization is doomed to early extinction.



  1. Our biggest problem is white children went to Sunday School and learned about history from 2,000 years ago. They never heard about the atrocities committed against them by blacks, Muslims, Asians, Amerinds, Jews, Bolsheviks or their own Elite (governments, kings, etc). They never heard of the Holodomor or the Boer Genocide. There is no racial or ethnic facet to their spiritual life. Since whites are unaware of this, there is no sense of continuity or collective white history.

    Our churches have fetishized poverty and as a result they worship the “minority” as a golden calf, sending both our gold AND our calves to Africa or Mexico. Worshiping poverty is worshiping failure. It also leaves our most successful people spiritually and socially disconnected, while every moral effort goes to the dull, brutish races of the world. Our most faithful and zealous people are ethno-masochists.

    I can’t believe I’m the only person who thought of this but what would save the European peoples is to turn Christianity into a racial and ethnic religion for whites. The solution is simple but the methods are Medieval. I imagine there would be three levels working here. For starters, Whites already gather implicitly. The most racially aware would live a life of tradition, like the Amish but scholastic, economic, cultural, well armed, and disengaged (hiding in plain sight but being HIGHLY political, economic, racially and ethnically aware as pan-nationalist whites). The second is the modern church goer but whites would be white morally and ethnically, without apologies. The third would be atheist, cultural whites who understood the value of group identity as a means for survival, kinship and continuity. This would mean the England is for the English, Europe for the Europeans, and whites are only for each other. It’s the last part that white Christians would have to change. Whites need a sense of identity that becomes religious, even for atheists. That last part would come about from a deeper, explicit ethnic and racial introspection as part of our identity, which results from a racial and ethnic understanding of our history.

    The “Amish” among us would be those who protected our ethnicity, cultural, race, language, tradition and sovereignty. These types of communities have high birth rates and strong group identity. If each white nation had them then those who fell away would be outnumbered, in time, by those who remained true to our people.

  2. Our biggest problem is white children went to Sunday School and learned about history from 2,000 years ago.

    That’s certainly incorrect. Hardly any white children, in Europe anyway, go anywhere near a Sunday School if you mean by Sunday School a place of Christian instruction. The equivalent to Sunday School today, is the K to middle-age state funded educational system, which probably achieves greater mind control than the Christian church ever did.

    You say They [white children] never heard about the atrocities committed against them by blacks, Muslims, Asians, Amerinds, Jews, Bolsheviks or their own Elite (governments, kings, etc). They never heard of the Holodomor or the Boer Genocide. There is no racial or ethnic facet to their spiritual life. Since whites are unaware of this, there is no sense of continuity or collective white history.

    But this is to misunderstand Christianity, which was the state religion of the Roman Empire. As the religion of an imperial state, Christianity had to be non ethnic.

    What you propose is a sort of Judaism for non-Jews, which makes some sense. But don’t wait for it. We live in the age of the New World Order, which is Rome writ large.

  3. You have no idea what I just said.

    You obviously can’t figure out that there are more people than the Roman Empire (whites) to blame. That’s always your go to answer. You’re a flagellant. Blame whitey and everyone else is “understandable.”

    To understand Christianity is to understand the history and context. You patently ignore the plethora of Orthodoxies and Coptics that existed from the very beginning because you need to attack whites. You need to in order to continue your role as a flagellant.

    More to the point, if you’re correct that Christianity had to be non-ethnic then it’s utterly useless against mass immigration, you know that entire part of my post you conveniently skipped past. Why? Because if it’s non-ethnic then it fetishizes poverty and every non-white race, no matter how dim or brutish, they will get preferential treatment making the Church a Fifth Column. This hasn’t exactly happened in places like Greece where their Orthodox Church received instructions from the first Apostles and possess a cultural tradition and an ethnic identity.

    If Christianity cannot morally support an ethno-state then it’s utterly useless.

  4. Oh God. You again. Well I guess you’re good at vituperation, I admit that. LOL

    But you don’t seem to know your Bible. Well note this (Galatians 3: 26)

    “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

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