Posted by: CS | November 6, 2013

The Canadian Senate: Where Due Process Went to Die

Yesterday, the Canadian Senate, acting as a judicial body, tried and convicted three of its members on charges of fraud, and sentenced them to public disgrace without pay for at least two years.

The accused were allowed no more than 15 minutes to speak in their own behalf, were denied the opportunity to question witnesses for the prosecution, to present witnesses for the defense, or to be represented by legal council.

This travesty of justice was precisely as demanded by the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and delivered by a Tory Senate majority comprised chiefly of Harper appointees, of whom most are evidently Prime Ministerial puppets unfit to sit in Canada’s upper house with its constitutional responsibility to review, and as necessary check, government action, not act as tools of the Prime Minister.

The spectacle will greatly assist those who wish to abolish Canada’s upper house by demonstrating the futility of the place when stacked by  a Prime-Minister with a contempt for the Constitution and the rule of law.

The only good to come out of the so-called Senate Expenses Scandal is that,as a result of it, the RCMP are now conducting an investigation into the possibility of criminal wrongdoing by members of Mr. Harper’s own office, not excluding, presumably, wrongdoing by the Prime Minister himself.

See also Harper still has not answered the toughest question on the Senate affair


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