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The New World Order and the Destruction of the Nation State

Joe Bermus, who created the widely viewed video Loose Change, a flawed but compelling account of government complicity in the events of 9/11, has turned his talent as a documentary maker to the subject of the New World Order.

The Film, Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined, was produced by Alex Jones of the bullhorn voice and frequently bizarre, or looney conspiracy theories. But despite the role of Jones and his tiresome advertising spot weirdly placed ten or 15 minutes into the narrative, the video gathers together fascinating film footage showing some of those involved in the drive to create an undemocratic system of global governance that will replace sovereign state democracy throughout the world.

One manifestations of this drive is the increasingly blatant contempt of Western governments for constitutional principles and the rule of law. The end result will be a two-class world: a criminal elite, above the law, and an enslaved proletariat to be bred, brainwashed and disposed of at the will of the ruling class. It entails the transformation of the mass of mankind into a domesticated race for the use and gratification of the feudal lords.

It is to attain the objective of global governance, aka world empire, that the process of European national genocide is now in progress. The nation state is an obstacle to global governance that must be destroyed, as must the underlying racial and cultural coherence of each nation state.The European states, being among the most powerful have been among the first targeted for destruction, but no nation will be exempt. By treason of the governing class or as the result of military conquest, all nations are to be destroyed, Russia and China not excepted.

The genocide of the European peoples is being effected now through state-sponsored mass migration from the Third World. The people of Europe are to be mongrelized racially and their culture and religious tradition destroyed through enforced multiculturalism, those opposing the genocide of their own people to be labelled racists and xenophobes to be punished in accordance with the condign laws of political correctness.

But as with all Alex Jones productions the video is largely an exercise in misdirection. The focus is on the political actors, the Bushes and Clintons for example, who far from being the architects of policy are merely the front-men. Their role is to triangulate, to use the term coined by Dick Morris, Clinton’s one-time aide and brothel-kreeping buddy; triangulation being the art of establishing political goals at the point of intersection between what the public can be induced to accept and the interests of the powers that actually rule.

The real powers that be are carefully concealed. No hint in an Alex Jones production of the power of AIPAC, the Israel lobby, which sets out ruthlessly to destroy the reputation and careers of any who question the supremacy of Zionist interests overy those of the United States of America; no mention of the corporate backers of the Council on Foreign Relations, the institution upon which Hillary Clinton and every other US Secretary of State is so dependent for guidance; no mention of how the political front men and backroom operatives, the Kissingers and Brzezinskis. the heads of the CIA, the FBI and the variously numbered British MIs are paid off for services rendered while in the “public service.”

No mention either of the great wealth acquired by of such servants of the public as the Clintons, whose net worth is said to exceed $100 million and whose foundation funds a billionaire lifestyle including over $12 million in travel expenses in a single year. Likewise, no mention of the wealth of Tony Blair, the war criminal with the voice of a bishop and the smile of a pop star, who may have done better than the Clintons, which is not bad for the former leader of Britain’s alleged workers’ party.

Absent, too, is any reference to the non-political means of control by the money power, the concentrated corporate control of the media, for example, a necessary prerequisite to the launching of war on a pack of lies: the fact, for example, that six corporations control 90% of America’s humorously named free press. No mention either that the chief sources of American understanding history and ethics, i.e., Hollywood and the porn industry, are largely Jewish fiefdoms, examination of whose ethnic exclusivity is violently warded off by defamatory broadsides from the usual sources.

Astoundingly, no mention is made whatever of the vast world of secret agencies that illegally spy on citizens, routinely kill citizens and foreigners alike who are selected for extermination without benefit of judge or jury. No mention, either, of the interests that underlie globalization, the export of Western manufacturing jobs, technology and capital to Asia and East Europe; or of the relentless decline in the real incomes of Western workers despite ever rising labor productivity. Instead, we are to understand from Bermas/Jones that the world is being driven according to the plan of some long-dead Englishman, Cecil Rhodes, about whom Jones has elsewhere expatiated nonsensically and at length, the evidence being that of Bill Clinton’s long-dead Georgetown University history mentor, Carrol Quigley as interpreted by the conspiracist Edward Griffin, an expert on Noah’s Ark and a promoter of quack cancer remedies.

And then there’s Bohemian Grove. No Jones production would be complete without it. Proof indeed that the world is driven by a conspiracy of a tiny group of occultists and perverts, and has nothing to do, you understand, with those conservatively suited people from Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Barclays, HSBC, et al. who have turned financial fraud, money laundering and the exploitation of the financially illiterate into a regular branch of respectable business, and indeed, a branch of God’s business.

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