Posted by: CS | October 30, 2013

European Leaders Angered By NSA Surveillance. LOL

The US National Security Agency hacks directly into the fiber-optic networks that connect Google’s and Yahoo’s worldwide data centers, giving it access to user data, the Washington Post reports.

Who’d have thunk it.

Well actually, its been known for years that Western intelligence agencies read everyone’s email and so presumably listen to their phone calls too. At least, I always assumed so and would never say anything in an email or a telephone conversation that I wouldn’t be comfortable saying out loud in a public place.

But apparently the risk of foreign snoops listening to their telephone conversation never occurred to Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. Or maybe they’re making a fuss about it now to cover their embarrassment on discovering the inadequacy of their communications security.

Of course, if the United States were a nice civilized country they wouldn’t snoop on their friends, but the day when a US Secretary of State (Henry Stimson) would say “Gentlemen do not read each others mail” is long gone. We’re all Machiavellians now and if Angela Merkel of the former German Democratic Republic doesn’t know that she don’t know nuthin.

As for Obama, he knew nuthin about it neither. As Jon Stewart explains:

So for five years, I assume the president is being presented with the findings from this world leader monitoring. And in those five years it never occurred to him to say, ‘How we getting this?’ Does the president believe in surveillance fairies?


Daily Mail: China is spying on you via your electric kettle


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