Posted by: CS | October 28, 2013

Stephen Harper Rallies Senate Lynch Mob

There will be appropriate action taken that, frankly, removes them from the public payroll. It is beyond the shadow of doubt that these senators, in some cases, have collected literally up to six figures of ineligible expenses — did so willingly over a long period of time.

Stephen Harper , speaking with  Newstalk 1010, October 26, 2013.

Harper, it appears, is intent on the destruction of the reputation of three heretofore loyal Tory senators of his own making without waiting for completion of the RCMP investigation into their alleged wrongdoing — an investigation that will be made redundant by a vote in the Senate acting in its capacity as a judicial body — and notwithstanding the denials of wrongdoing by the accused, nor the denial of the right of the accused to question their accusers or present evidence in their own defense including evidence, in the case of Duffy, of possible conspiracy to commit bribery and extortion by the Prime Minister’s own office, for the sole purpose it would appear of gratifying the Tory “base.

Documents tabled in the Senate by Senator Mike Duffy, October 28, 2013

Deloitte Report on Senator Wallin’s travel expense claims.

Senator Wallin’s response to the Deloitte Report.

Note. This response was made during the15 minutes allowed Senator Wallin during the Senate debate on a motion to suspend her from the Senate without pay for two years.

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