Posted by: CS | June 28, 2013

Some links

Zero Hedge: Is there any Middle Eastern country that we haven’t screwed up yet?

PressTV: Brzezinski: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, their western allies orchestrated Syria crisis

Michell Chossudovsky: America’s Plan to Annex and Invade Canada

Center for Disease Control: Crime Victims With Guns Less Likely to Suffer Injury or Death

David Stockman: The US Fed Has Painted Itself Into a Corner

Aangirfan: CIA-linked Syrian rebels decapitate Christian bishop

Wired: WikiLeaks Volunteer Was a Paid Informant for the FBI
So whether or not Wikileaks was intended all along as a trap for whistle blowers, that is what it became and presumably still is.

John Kaminski: Assange, Manning and Snowden: Shaping us into Robots

The Daily Paul: Booz Allen Hamilton: What You Don’t Know About Snowden’s Former Employer

Jon Rappoport: Ed Snowden, NSA, and fairy tales a child could see through

Wayne Madsen: The Story of Obama: All in the Company

Kieth Ablow: Was the Unabomber right: the horrors of technology combined with government?

Harvard University Press: Hitler’s Willing Hollywood Collaborators


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