Posted by: CS | April 25, 2013

If You Were Wondering Who Britain’s Rising Political Star, Nigel Farage, Is and Where He Stands

This photo explains all: 

Image source: Alternative Right.

Farage is second from the left. To the left of Farage, Bilderberger puppet, Ron Paul, to the right, financier Peter Schiff, and former Soros partner, Jim Rogers.



  1. That explains it nicely.- Aangirfan

  2. well this puts it nicely into perspective, thought Farage/Ron Paul was the good guyswont be voting UKIP now!!!

  3. this is bs ron paul did not even take money from the lobby groups where the link with bilderberg.

  4. Not sure what you are calling bs. We just posted a photograph. But it is true that Ron Paul's largest contributor during his most recent Presidential run was Peter Thiel, who gave $2.5 million. And Peter Thiel is on the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee. What seems evident from that is that Ron Paul is a globalist, a man of the New World Order. But he apparently differs from the Bush-Clinton-Obama globalists in believing that global hegemony by the plutocracy can be achieved without the need for American military conquest in the ME, and Central Asia.

  5. And both Farage and Paul, claim to believe in the sovereignty of the nation state. In which case, they represent a line on globalization, radically different from the Bush/Clinton/Obama/Israel version that seeks the destruction of all sovereign nation states, not just Islamic states, but also the US, UK, etc. (although for now the Western states have a job to do busting up the Middle East and Central Asia.)If Farage comes to power in the UK, we'll find out how much the Paul/Farage/Peter Thiel globalists differ from the version currently in play.

  6. The fifth man is James Rickards; unsurprisingly, he's a cheerleader for a gold standard too. And we all know how much Rothschild bankers love preciousss gold…. (See the article "Ron Paul: Gold Wolf Fleecing Sheep".)

  7. Ron Paul: Gold wolf fleecing sheep

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