Posted by: CS | January 12, 2013

Does Anderson Cooper Want Professor James Tracy and/or His Family Members Harmed?

We create your reality, not some goddam professor.

It would seem so from the broadcast journalist’s January 11 performance on his CNN program. Once corporate news media have told us what “reality” is, no further questioning is allowed, especially from credentialed individuals such as “tenured professors.” One has to ask, “Is this journalism? Or the frustrated defense of a news presenter and an increasingly uncertain storyline?”


Newtown Conspiracy Theory; Gun Control Debate
Aired January 11, 2013 – 20:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Good evening, everyone.

We begin tonight “Keeping Them Honest” with the story that is frankly hard to believe. You are going to want to sit down for this one.

Nearly one month to the day of the horrific shootings in Newtown, Connecticut, in which 26 people were killed including 20 children, tonight we expose a number of people who are claiming that the Sandy Hook shootings were staged.

Now, there are always conspiracy theorists lurking on line who comes up with some horrifically outrageous claims. And normally, we would not dig any phi these claims with air time. These claims are obviously sickening to many in Newtown who spent the past four weeks crying and console bearing friends and family members trying to figure out how to restart their lives.

As I said, normally, we wouldn’t mention these conspiracy theories. But it turns out one of the people who’s peddling one version of this conspiracy theory is actually a tenured associate professor at Florida Atlantic University, a state university that get taxpayers’ money.

His name is James Tracy. This is a picture of him. This is what he looks like. James Tracy is his name. Now, he claims the shooting did not happen as reported and may not have happened at all. Here’s what he wrote on his personal blog and I quote, “one is left to inquire whether the Sandy Hook shooting ever took place, at least in the way law enforcement authorities and the nation’s news media have described.”

Read more at – Transcripts

For some excellent and some bizarre comments, see James Tracy’s blog  from which the above is copied.

Note: the figure caption is mine, not James Tracy’s.



  1. Viva James Tracy. – Aangirfan

  2. Yes, he's a brave man, under attack from a hatchet-faced media hatchet man.

  3. Let’s say there’s a “working class” ditch digger. He digs ditches for a living. Let’s say someone agrees to give the ditch digger a sandwich if he digs them a ditch. One ditch for one sandwich.That is called “Trade”.Let’s say at some point we all agree to recognize a certain amount of gold as being worth the same as someone digging one ditch and also worth the same as one sandwich. This enables the ditch digger to work for a third party and get paid one piece of gold – then go trade that piece of gold for one sandwich.That is called using “Commodity Money”.====Now, let’s say we all agree that it’s a good idea to store our gold in a bank and have that bank issue receipts that we can use in our daily transactions. So, now the ditch digger works and get paid one receipt – then he goes to someone else and trades that receipt for a sandwich.That is using a receipt as money.======Now, let’s say the bank is being run by a group of co-religionists whose religious doctrine instructs them to inflict the crime of usury on all others. So they start writing out receipts and loaning them out to people for repayment – plus interest. They also write receipts out to themselves and their co-religionists and they go around “buying” things with those receipts.This is called “Organized Crime”.=====What do you think happens as a result of that?Look around.This is what happens. They own the banks, they own the media, they own your government, they own the large corporations.========Members of that group have a Monopoly on receipt writing and the governments they have bribed force us to use those receipts as “money”. They also “loan” those receipts out for interest. BTW, there’s no gold in that vault upon which those receipts are based. Those receipts are based on nothing. They are J**Paper. Might as well wipe your ass with it.===This crime is mathematically compounded by the practice of charging interest for the use Receipts-As-Money.====="THEY" want to disarm you.

  4. Hm. One thing to note is that there's no law that says a banker has to be of a particular race or religion. But if we consider this without reference to race, religion or creed, you may nevertheless have a point, although I suspect that the forces propelling the the drive for global hegemony and the creation of a new feudalism are quite a bit more complex than you suggest.

  5. But the financial sector certainly has massive control over the global economy. See the capitalist network that runs the world.In his great work "Tragedy and Hope" the American historian Carroll Quigley wrote:"The control of financial capitalism was used to integrate the industrial system into ever-larger units with interlinking financial controls. This made possible a reduction of competition with a resulting increase in profits. As a result, the industrial system soon found that it was again able to finance its own expansion from its own profits, and, with this achievement, financial controls were weakened, and the stage of monopoly capitalism arrived.In this fifth stage, great industrial units, working together either directly or through cartels and trade associations, were in a position to exploit the majority of the people. The result was a great economic crisis which soon developed into a struggle for control of the state—the minority hoping to use political power to defend their privileged position, the majority hoping to use the state to curtail the power and privileges of the minority. Both hoped to use the power of the state to find some solution to the economic aspects of the crisis. This dualist struggle dwindled with the rise of economic and social pluralism after 1945."It appears that the capitalists are now back in a position to exploit the majority, and as Anonymous argues, they are naturally intent on setting up a form of government which allows the use of guns only by the plutocrat-owned state.

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