Posted by: CS | January 3, 2013

Sandy Hook Massacre: What the MSM Won’t Discuss

According to the Associated Press, reporting on the day of the Sandy Hook elementary school massacre:

A law enforcement official says that the 20-year-old suspect in the Connecticut school shootings killed his mother at their home Friday and then drove his mother’s car to the school where he went on a deadly rampage.

The car the “20-year-old suspect,” Adam Lanza, is supposed to have driven on his way to commit mass murder was this black Honda civic.

(Photo : Reuters ) Car driven by school shooter Adam Lanza is towed from
Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. Image Source

The picture reveals the vehicle’s registration to be 872 YEP. But that, it appears, is not the registration of a vehicle owned by Adam Lanza’s mother, but of a vehicle owned by Christopher Rodia of Norwalk, CT.

But this fact raised no YE(L)P from the mainstream media, which brings to mind Conan Doyle’s story, Silver Blaze, featuring the “curious incident of the dog in the night-time:”

Detective Inspector Gregory (of Scotland Yard): “Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?”

Holmes: “To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.”

Gregory: “The dog did nothing in the night-time.”

Holmes: “That was the curious incident.”

In the Sherlock Holmes story, the dog made no noise because the crime was an inside job, with no intruder causing the dog to raise the alarm.

In the case of the Sandy Hook massacre, why did the mainstream media raise no alarm over the fact that the registration of what it had reported to be Adam Lanza’s mother’s car was, in fact, in the name of Christopher Rodia, a small-time thief with multiple convictions and family connections to the drug trade? Speculation may  have been criminalized,  but you remain free to consider the question for yourself?

Actually, one commercial news source did mention the Rodia connection, and that was the Norwalk Citizen, the paper of Chris Rodia’s home town. The paper acknowledges that a “policeman’s call to dispatch on an audiotape” identifies Rodia as the owner of the car. But without citing any counter evidence, the paper rejects the idea that Rodia was connected with the Sandy Hook killings on two grounds:

  1. Rodia’s denial: “That was such a heinous crime, I don’t want to be connected to it in any way,” Rodia said.
  2. That connection between the car and Rodia has not been reported in the mainstream media.

Rodia’s “I didn’t do it gov.” may be compelling to some, although if this type of plea were generally accepted, the police would achieve few convictions. And to argue as the paper seems to, that the evidence of a possible mainstream media conspiracy of silence is evidence of no mainstream media conspiracy of silence, seems lame, even by the standards of what has come to be known to some as the lame-stream media.

What the report in the Norwalk Citizen appears to confirm, since the assumption is not denied, is that the car said to be Adam Lanza’s mother’s is indeed Chris Rodia’s. How unfortunate, therefore, that the Norwark Citizen did not think to ask Chris Rodia how it was that his car, with a rifle or shot-gun in the trunk, happened to be parked outside Sandy Hook Elementary at the time of the massacre.

There are many other curious and as yet unexplained facts in the case of the Sandy Hook massacre.

But, as Time Magazine demands speculation must end.

Which is to say, this story is to be handled as any inside job would be handled by a complicit media, with a statement of the final verdict on the case before a competent investigation has been undertaken.

Which is not to say that Sandy Hook was an inside job, an act of state terror designed perhaps to facilitate gun control legislation, but if not, why are the media not carefully analyzing the facts of the case before announcing what happened?


CTPost, January 3, 2012: State Police spokesman Lt. J. Paul Vance said … [t]he car confiscated at the scene, the black Honda with that license plate, belongs to a relative of Lanza’s and not to Rodia, he said.

But still nobody to know who, exactly, the vehicle belongs to. Odd how cagey the authorities are about the facts of the case.

According to most press reports, the car belonged to Adam Lanza’s mother. But if so, why won’t the police confirm it? But according to some reports, Adam Lanza was carrying his brother, Ryan’s ID on the day of the massacre, so was it Ryan’s car, not his mother’s that was impounded outside the school?

Post-Postscript, February 4, 2013

This item from Fellowship of the Minds blog, reproduces a record apparently confirming that Nancy Lanza owned a 2010 black Honda, as well as a silver BMW, which would be consistent with the story that Adam Lanza drove his mother’s car on December 14, 2012.

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CT Police Captain Mark Kordick to Radioman911 



  1. 872YEO I also think there are a lot of questions that have not been answered but am looking for facts and just wanted to post the license plate is not 872YEP but 872YEO I wasn't sure myself looking it didn't appear to be a P but wasn't positive but saved the photo and then zoomed it and it ended up being an O. And I have no idea if that is registered to the Lanza's or Rodia or not just wanted to post that

  2. Yes you are correct. The registration ends with an 'O' not a 'P'.

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