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The Financial Times: Ethic Cleansing of the English From Their Own Capital City "Deserves Attention" LOL

The Financial Times of London Reports:

December 26, 2012 2:38 pm
London’s ‘white flight’ deserves attention

By David Goodhart

That the city is no longer majority ‘white British’ is a remarkable development.

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that London no longer contained a majority from the UK’s main ethnic group, known in the demographers’ jargon as the “White British”.

One face of Immigrant Britain.

 Wow. Fancy that. Who’d have thought it. Still it’s only the descendants of some dead white European males, the jargonized “white British,” who’ve been ousted. I mean, it’s not like some actual, you know, well known European nation that’s been ethnically cleansed from its own capital city, one of the greatest cities in the world. 

Except, well, actually, it is what was until very recently perhaps the most illustrious of all European nations, the English, that’s being genocided, not only in their capital city but in many of their other large cities. Last year, the English became a minority in the City of Leicester, an ancient industrial town at the geographic heart of England. And in Birmingham, England’s second city, English children in elementary school are not only a minority, they are not even the largest minority.

So yes, let’s all remark the remarkable fact of the genocide of the English — the nation of Will Shakespeare, Isaac Newton, Sam Johnson, Charles Darwin, and Winston Churchill — but without mentioning the English by name, of course. No need to get anyone upset or make any of the not very English scum running the major British political parties — plus the security services clown running the alleged British National Party — look like, well, the bought traitors that they are.

But you have to realize that this is something totally, unexpectedly new.

London is arguably the first great western capital city to pass this landmark, though that depends on where you draw the boundaries around Washington and on excluding Brussels as a special case because it is an “embassy capital”.

So there you are, the ethnic cleansing of the English in their own capital “deserves attention” only because of its novelty. Because London is arguable the first great western capital city to be genocided, unless you count Washington which is not the homeland of any ethnicity other than of the native Americans who were genocided a long time ago. Oh and Brussels, but that’s a “special case,” apparently, so just tough cheese for the Belgians, and not something to worry about.

In any event, it is a remarkable development for London and one that was unexpected.

Apparently, the Financial Times, with editorial offices in London, employs writers so incredibly stupid that they do not notice the ethnic make-up of the city where they work, and only became aware of the ethnic cleansing of the native race in London when it was announced in the evening newspaper. And even then, they nearly missed it!

However, the London Evening Standard, the capital’s main evening paper, tucked it away on page 10 on the day of the announcement, and the BBC London television news had it as the seventh item that evening.

But this is all transparent obfuscation of what has been known for years: that the English are being genocided by a combination of policies that employ all means of state-controlled education and propaganda to promote mass murder of unborn children, 189,931 last year,  and every kind of non-reproductive sex, thereby driving the fertility of the native population far below the replacement rate, while mass immigration, both legal and illegal, is promoted.

But in any case, to claim the foreign takeover of London is a matter for surprise is a complete inversion of the truth. For years the UK national newspapers have carried stories reporting the takeover of one London borough after another by an immigrant majority. Moreover, it has been common knowledge for years that the majority of children in London are born to foreign-born mothers. So the contention that the extirpation of the English majority in their own capital city is somehow a surprise is a lie pure, simple and direct.

Two days later I met a senior official from Mr Johnson’s Greater London Authority who, asked about the data, said: “What’s the fuss?”

Ha! There you have it. The genocide of the English in their own homeland is a matter deserving “attention” but not “fuss.”

This studied indifference of London’s political and media elite appears to be in sharp contrast to the feelings of many of the white British people who live in less salubrious parts of the city.

Or, who gives a damn about the English, or white British as the genocidalists and their propagandists call them the better to distract attention from the fact that the English are being displaced from England, the only homeland they have.

“Most of the leading academic geographers did not expect London to become a majority minority city for another 20 or 30 years – they underestimated the extent to which white British people have opted to leave an increasingly diverse London,” says Eric Kaufmann, an academic at Birkbeck College who is leading a project on “white flight” at Demos, the think-tank I lead.

So we are to understand that most of the “leading academic geographers” in Britain are incompetent fools who misled the folks in government just as much as they deceived the morons at the FT — a claim that is surely another lie and a libel too.

And did you get that “majority  minority city”? The immigrants are to have the benefit of being treated as a minority even when they’re the majority, meaning that the English must be considered the majority even when they are a fast declining minority. This is really clever: mind-bending psychological manipulation in the aid of genocide.

Further, we are to understand that the progressive elimination of the English from London, Birmingham, Leicester, and many other great cities has nothing to do with mass immigration. No, that’s the lie put about by racist white British. What’s actually happened is that the English just buggered off. Went to live in the bucolic copuntryside 50 miles out of town and now commute to the city in their Porche’s and Jags. It’s only the racist losers like Emma West who are still left in the city where they’d better show some respect for their new neighbors, if they don’t wish to be whipped off to jail — for their own protection from all the friendly New Britishers threatening to cut their throats.

But, really, the English are lucky to have all those foreigners come in and take their place, convert their empty Christian churches into mosques, bingo halls, whatever. They even have the good fortune of having the son of a German-Jewish social climber to head the English church — luckily too, they have a Muslim as head of the BBC’s religious programming, an Israel-Firster as Prime Minister, and a Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal [sic] Opposition, the son of an illegal immigrant, who thinks the essence of Englishness is to invite in more immigrants.

White flight is an emotive term that suggests discomfort with the changing racial composition of a neighbourhood. Clearly there are many reasons why white British people might want to leave London – house prices, schools, fresh air and so on – but merely by considering where it is happening, there appears to be prima facie evidence that white flight has played a role.

Yep, there you have it. The English flight from Londonistan, as someone many years ago humorously named England’s greatest city, is the product of racism, pure and simple.

In Barking and Dagenham, for example, notorious for the brief success of the far-right British National Party in the late 2000s, the white British population fell by 40,000, almost one-third, between 2001 and 2011. Other increasingly diverse outer London boroughs such as Redbridge and Hillingdon have also experienced large falls in their white British population.

Forty thousand in ten years from a borough with 180,000 inhabitants. That sure looks like prima facie evidence, in fact I’d say absolutely definite evidence of ethic cleansing.

Does white flight always have to be the other side of the coin of large-scale immigration? It is a remarkably understudied phenomenon. This is perhaps because it is based on a notion of group identities and affinities that most liberal academics do not feel or understand and tend to stigmatise as “racist,” at least when expressed by white people. But one of the interesting things about white flight is that it has continued, and in the case of London apparently increased, at a time when racist attitudes have been in sharp decline.

You tend to get less overt English opposition to mass immigration when the English have become the minority, often a very small minority in their own neighborhood.Or to put that another way, the English know when they’re beat, and they know who’s gonna get beaten up if they raise any objection to Asian street gangs or knife-wielding Jamaican thugs.

Some of the blame for this must lie with a modern political mind – of both left and rightwingers – that has failed to understand some quite normal human feelings about rapid change and the unfamiliar. It has failed, too, to think more carefully about how to make it easier for different kinds of people to live alongside each other sharing common spaces in mutual trust.

Wow, maybe the political establishment has something to be held responsible for. I mean it’s not as though they just lost a great war, or destroyed the economy. No they just wiped out most of their own people in their own greatest city.

So noisily have London’s political leaders been celebrating the diversity of their multiracial city that they have forgotten to see what is happening under their noses.

“They forgot.” Oh dear, they were so busy celebrating diversity and trashing English culture for Black History Month that, in a fit of absence of mind, they genocided their own people.

If you walk around the city centre you see racially mixed pavements, shops, buses, tubes and even workplaces. But there is also a great deal of what the Americans call “sundown segregation”: if you followed people home you would find yourself in some of the most ethnically segregated places in Britain.

So there you are. The English really genocided themselves, taking flight from multi-culti Britain out of pure racism. Fortunately, there are still white iberals in Britain anxious to continue the replacement of the politically incorrect English with nice foreign people with a different mindset: you know, not Christian, with none of that nonsense about the traditional rights and freedoms of the English. A lot of them don’t even speak English, or if they do it’s not English so as you could understand it.

Thus do the mainstream media discredit themselves: one article at a time.

Note: There are some intelligent comments at the FT web site in response to the remarkably stupid David Goodhart’s remarkably stupid article. You can access the article via this Google link.

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