Posted by: CS | November 22, 2012

Israel versus Gaza: The Math

Image source

Amanpour interview with Hamas chief, Khaled Meshaal

Israel Defense Minister: Still not the time to conquer Gaza
(For that we need greater control over the White House. Now if some crazed racist white supremacist were to take out Obama, who has become far too independent since his re-election, we’d have that dumb Zionist stooge Joe Biden at our beck and call.)



  1. Benny's Gazan adventure worked out exactly as he planned it. The Gazans got pummelled. The neighbors were warned. America, and friends everywhere are 'on-side'. The people are reassured that Benny's more than mouth. Benny get's pulled out of attack mode and looks like a statesman.We'll have to see if he's got the next part right. Including re-election. Already the army is calling him "BiBi the loser".

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