Posted by: CS | August 23, 2012

Something to like about Niall Ferguson: he hates liberal bloggers

Whether the outcome of the US presidential election will make any real difference to the course of world events seems difficult to judge. Neither candidate appears to have the slightest respect for the US Constitution, the only thing that clearly distinguishes America from any other fascist imperialist state.

But whether or not Romney would make a good president, or at least a less bad president that Obama, there can be no doubt that for four years Obama has presided while tens of millions of Americans have suffered the misery and humiliation of unemployment and America’s geopolitical standing has declined.

But even reasoned criticism of Obama’s lack of success in restoring American prosperity is intolerable to some liberal geniuses of academic economics. It is, therefore, a pleasure to see Ferguson crush some nits picked by elite members of the liberal economics bloggerazi, who it seems were intolerably provoked by Ferguson’s earlier critique of Obama’s leadership in the economic sphere.


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