Posted by: CS | February 25, 2012


By CanSpeccy

What is being fast created is a global empire ruled by the 146 corporate entities that control the bulk of international business activity. The people of the so-called Western democracies go along with this project largely because they imagine it to be a war of the West against the Rest.

This is a pathetic misconception.

The Western nations have already been subjugated. Hence, the fraudulent mainstream media that pumps controlled news and propaganda. Hence the ongoing genocidal program to destroy the nations of Europe as racial, cultural and religious communities. Hence, the progressive collapse in Western living standards. Hence, the reduction of the United States to a police state, where citizens can be detained indefinitely without charge or trial, where the president can order the assassination of anyone, including American citizens, where the government declares it vital to grope the genitals of every traveler.

How truly pathetic the people of the Western nations have become.

Libya was occupied and Gaddafi murdered, to Hillary Clinton’s ecstatic delight, not because Gaddafi was “killing his own people,” but because he put down a violent, US/Nato and Al Qaeda-backed rebellion, intended to restore Libya’s resources to the control of the multi-nationals that already own the puppet regimes of Obama, Cameron, Harper, Sarkozy, et al.

The project was a success. Thirty thousand Chinese engineers and technicians were ousted from Libya, an American citizen installed as Libya’s Prime Minister and the control of Libya’s resources restored to the corporations that, through a network of elite groups meeting at Davos, or less publicly elsewhere, directs the crimes of US/Nato.



  1. "How truly pathetic the people of the Western nations have become."Yes.

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