Posted by: CS | January 16, 2012

Contains Milk, Egg and Fish

In search of a decent sherry, we invested recently in an Australian product of the Emu brand, which is pleasant flavored and moderately dry. Curious to know more about this very reasonably priced wine, I was astounded on examining the label to read as follows: “contains milk, egg and fish.”

How can that possibly be?

For very good reason, according to this short article by Richard Gowel: it is to “fine” the wine; fining being the process of removing harsh tasting phenolics, or unwanted color from wine made with the final squeeze of the grape. There you are then!

Or to be more specific, the milk protein casein is a fining agent that precipitates phenolics, as does albumen, a protein from egg whites. But of all, the best fining agent, apparently, is isinglass, a protein obtained from the swim bladder of certain fishes.

From this we can infer that Emu sherry is made from a juice so rough that it requires the combined fining power of all three agents, derivatives of milk, egg and fish, to make it drinkable. But drinkable it certainly is, with a distinctive and likable flavor.



  1. ThanksPicked up a bottle today and noticed the ingredients.

  2. Hope you enjoy it.

  3. This is fecalI do not know what they did to itbut after the Australian genius of renaming the olorosso sherries to 'apera' EMU did something to their lovely Olorosso Australian Sherry which makes it now taste GROSS

  4. Are you the Anon who bought a bottle on my advice? LOL

  5. Thanks for the info. Hubby noticed the ingredients yesterday, and I said, that must be a mistake, and headed straight to google….:)

  6. As a pescatarian I am not quite as grossed out by the fish thing but still pretty darn weird. katherine

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