Posted by: CS | October 4, 2011

Some links

WRH Afghanistan War was Planned Months Before 9/11
Patrick Buchanan The End of Pax Americana?
WSJ Nearly Half of U.S. Lives in Household Receiving Government Benefit
Patrick Buchanan Was Awlaki and American?
Craig Murray Diplomatic blowback
The Truth Will Set You Free Al Gore’s New $9 Million Mansion
Pravda Libyan conflict lurches out of NATO control
AFP Senator Carl Levin, calls for release of memo authorizing assassination
American’s Journey Ever wished you’d taken part in the original American revolution?
Xymphora Breivik, Hitler and the Zionists
Paul Craig Roberts Is the War on Terror a Hoax?
Paul Craig Roberts The Day America Died
Hua Hsu The End of White America?
Pat Buchanan: Path to national suicide


  1. Very many thanks for the link.- Aangirfan

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