Posted by: CS | July 24, 2011

Breivik, 9/11 and the Lib-Left Program for the Destruction of the European Nations

Craig Murray condemns Rupert Murdoch for a Sun headline calling the Breivik atrocity “Norway’s 9/11.”

According to one comment:

The Sun’s headline cleverly, but to me very obviously, stokes anti-Muslim feelings by prematurely and at high volume, attributing the recent atrocity to ‘Al Qaeda’, associating it immediately with ’9/11′, etc.

But that’s not the only way to interpret the Sun’s headline (whatever may be implied by the text below the headline, which I have not seen). According to his Manifesto, which has the image of a Crusader’s cross for a frontispiece, Breivik is violently anti-Muslim.

so the only valid analogy between 9/11 and the Norway atrocities must be based on the assumption that both were false flag government operations designed to control public opinion.

The Lib-left will, of course, furiously deny this, because Breivik’s action will otherwise serve as a devastating blow against those (at least two-thirds of the indigenous European population) who oppose the ongoing genocide of the European peoples through mass immigration.

Critically, Breivik’s action reinforces the vile and ridiculous contention of the statist lib-left and its corporate media supporters, Murdoch among the most prominent, that those who oppose the destruction of their own race, culture and national identity are necessarily violence-prone, far right wing maniacs.

If Breivik acted alone, he is a madman with a warped genius of the highest order. If his action was a SCAD, Europe is surely headed for a very dark age of tyranny.

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