Posted by: CS | July 21, 2011

Hackgate Update July 21, 2011

Jon Stewart Tackles Hackgate Gawker
Ex NotW editor & legal exec: Murdoch testimony “mistaken” The BlottR
NotW Hacking Story Live The Telegraph
Coulson appointment caused ‘difficulties’ with Royal family’ Telegraph, via Murdoch’s Nest of Vipers
Met to investigate mobile tracking claims Guardian, via Murdoch’s Nest of Vipers
NATO HACKED: NATO Servers infiltrated The Blotter, via Murdoch’s Nest of Vipers
Exposed: the scale of elite corruption Guardian
HACKGATE & CAMERON: Closing in on the Oval Office The Slog
No U.S. Peril for News Corp – Yet NY Times
Murdoch’s Fox News ran ‘black ops’ department — former executive Telegraph
Alleged computer hacking by News Corp referred to FBI, Daily Mail
Plod says hacking investigation will take years, if not forever BBC
Simon Hoggart: David Cameron gives himself a second chance Guardian
Is Britain more corrupt than it thinks? Reuters
Were deaths of Christopher Shale and Dr. Kelly linked? Aangirfan
Another Newscrap crook counseled Cameron NYTimes
Hacking crisis edges closer to David Cameron The Independent
House of Commons Home Affairs Committee Report on Phone Hacking
NewsCrap Investors demand doddery Rupe dodder off Daily Mail
Hacking case linked to News Corp US arm referred to FBI FT

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