Posted by: CS | May 9, 2011

Yo! Conform or Die?

Source: YaYa Canada, May 10, 2011

Contributor: “Yo Momma”

It requires extreme mental fortitude to go against hard-wiring, and conformity is hard-wired because it can help us survive as members of “society”.

Each time the US government presents the public with “evidence” that they bagged Osama, it becomes increasingly obvious that it’s a hoax. And yet the US government each time is increasingly more forceful in its determination that the public accept it as truth. People who openly question are insulted and ridiculed. It seems the US government’s attitude is shut up and accept it.

This all reminds me of a really good video about the effect the need for conformity has on perception: If you show 20 people a picture of an apple and ask them what they see and 19 have been instructed to say “pear”, the 20th person will likely say apple at first.

If you repeat this long enough the 20th person will eventually give in to popular opinion and will say pear just to be accepted as one of the group.

The media are flooding us with disinformation and mocking anyone who questions it because they know that the need to conform will eventually kick in and the majority of people will accept it as truth.

I also think they used the same tactic with the assassination of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and MLK. They told everyone the apple was in fact a pear – over and over – until finally everyone saw a pear.


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